The Howard Hughes XF-11 is Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator

Remember the Scrapyard Monster from Flying Fries? That fictional flying contraption was one of the most extravagant aircraft releases this year, and while it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it certainly showcased the talents of the developer behind the project.

Stéphane Behr, also known as Lord Frites, the man behind Flying Fries, (who also released the awesome Boeing 747 SCA a while back), is now on the verge of releasing his next creation. This time, it’s an actual airplane – the XF-11 – one that almost killed its legendary creator, Howard Hughes.

Flying Fries XF 11 MSFS 2

Flying Fries XF 11 MSFS 5

Flying Fries XF 11 MSFS 9

Unlike the rugged aesthetics of the Scrapyard Monster, the XF-11 features a sleek and smooth design. Only two units were ever built, and one was destroyed in an infamous crash that nearly killed Hughes himself, so there’s not a whole lot of information about the aircraft. Still, Lord Frites managed to find a few rare and original schematics of the XF-11, enabling a faithful recreation of both the exterior and interior of the aircraft.

In line with the true nature of a prototype, the XF-11 for MSFS will include random failures that can trigger at any moment and, according to the developer, “make your life much more complicated!”

So, we’re looking at a proper vintage aircraft simulation with this new release from Flying Fries. The feature list is impressive, including a CFD flight model, support for modern GPS units like the GNS 530 and GTN 750, complex fuel and electrical systems with functioning circuit breakers, and much more!

The Flying Fries XF-11 is currently in very active development and is expected to release within the next 3 months. A trailer video is already available, providing a great first look at this product. Watch it above to see what Flying Fries has in store for us in 2024!

Key Features:

  • Highly detailed 4K textures.
  • Engines, landing gear bays, two cockpit decks, etc. fully modeled and textured.
  • Precise CFD flight model.
  • Era-correct auto-pilot installed.
  • Garmin GNS 530 available with one click.
  • Compatible with Garmin GTN 750 by PMS50 if installed.
  • Aircraft configuration and refueling via the clipboard.
  • Complex electrical system with functioning circuit breakers.
Flying Fries XF 11 MSFS 4

Flying Fries XF 11 MSFS 1

Flying Fries XF 11 MSFS 6

Flying Fries XF 11 MSFS 7

Flying Fries XF 11 MSFS 3

Flying Fries XF 11 MSFS 8

  • Complex fuel system with 7 tanks, 12 pumps and so many routing possibilities!
  • Variable propeller pitch with feathering and reverse pitch.
  • Engine and ground roll vibration effects on the levers and needles.
  • Custom interior lighting with dimmable lights and UV lights.
  • Random failures available with various severity levels – disabled by default.
  • Interactive exterior static elements (remove the chocks or plug the GPU manually if you want).
  • 5 liveries included.
  • 4 LODs for performance optimization in multiplayer.
  • And much more!