iniBuilds shares new images and development progress on the A310-300 for MSFS

It was nearly a month ago that iniBuilds surprised us all with the announcement of their plans to bring the Airbus A310-300 to Microsoft Flight Simulator. At the time, the team provided a sneak-peek into the aircraft in its current state, and now they are back with a series of new images and a short progress update.

In the official iniBuilds forum, Ubaid Mussa, iniBuilds’ CEO, shared the team’s happiness with their progress on this project, their first aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Development has been going well with some notable advancements in key areas of the aircraft. The team is now working hard on the systems, fonts, textures, sounds and flight dynamics, since the artists’ work on the 3D model and textures appears to be more advanced.

iniBuilds hopes to be able to provide positive updates about the ongoing work of the aforementioned key areas over the coming months. For now, the team is able to share some beautiful new images, once again giving us a quick look into some of the instruments but, particularly, showing some external views of a few additional operators of the aircraft from all around the world: Air India, Singapore Airlines and Czech Airlines.

inibuilds a310 msfs 4 1

inibuilds a310 msfs 2 1

inibuilds a310 msfs 1 1

Overall, it’s a short but welcome update for a type of aircraft that is very much in need in MSFS. iniBuilds makes a superb simulation of the A310 which X-Plane simmers can currently enjoy on their simulator, so we can’t wait to see it in MSFS!

With the list of jet airliners in development for MSFS slowly growing, we should soon also start to see another hugely anticipated airliner showing its face: the PMDG 737!