FlightSim Studio releases Early Access for E190 and E195 Jets in Microsoft Flight Simulator

FlightSim Studio AG has finally released the early access versions of their eagerly anticipated Embraer E190 and E195 variants for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This release marks a significant expansion of their E-Jets lineup, following the release of the E170 and E175 packages earlier this year.

The E190/195 package is currently in early access, which characterized by active development. Users can expect a functional product capable of full flights, with the understanding that bugs and missing features will be addressed continuously and free of charge.

These new models come with all the features known of the E170/E175 alongside a few specific particularities.

Here are some highlights:

  • Adapted Flight Dynamics: FSS says the E190 and E195 have undergone extensive adjustments in their flight dynamics to more accurately represent the real-world behavior of these larger aircraft.
  • Steep Approach Mode: A standout feature of the new models is the Steep Approach Mode, exclusive to the E190 and E195. This mode enables the aircraft to maintain approach speed while managing a high descent rate, a critical capability for airports with challenging approach paths.
  • Advanced Head-Up Display (HUD): Enhancing pilot situational awareness, the HUD provides crucial flight information in a convenient and accessible manner.

The E190 and E195 are priced similarly to the E170 and E175 packages, at approximately 33.50 EUR plus applicable taxes. Note that this is a standalone product that does not require prior purchase of the E170/175 package.

FlightSim Studio is offering an exclusive incentive for users who bought both packages: free access to the forthcoming 190/195 Freighter version that is expected to come out in Q2 2024!

FlightSim Studio’s E-Jets E190/195 is now available from Aerosoft and Contrail.

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