The Bonanza Turbo gets updated to version 4, now supports the WT G1000 NXi

The Bonanza Turbo has been one of the best general aviation airplanes currently available for MSFS. It’s a heavily modded Bonanza G36, featuring new specs that recreate the real-world turbo-normalized G36. The previous version (v3) has been very popular for many simmers looking for an authentic airplane for MSFS, and now, many months later, Robert Young managed to return to work on a significant new update that brings some welcome improvements, along with compatibility with Sim Update 6.

This new version 4 of the Bonanza Turbo features a reworked flight model, with improved engine performance, lighting enhancements and even new liveries. It’s the result of hundreds of hours of work, which has enabled the Bonanza to reach 212 knots at 17,500 ft and climb at 14000 fpm at sea level. It’s also able to reach up to 25,000 feet altitude.

The Bonanza V4 gets a nice new feature: full compatibility with the brilliant Working Title G1000 NXi mod. Furthermore, Robert Young worked on several improvements on the flight model, such as improved side slip capabilities, adjusted p-factor, and more. Lighting has also been improved, both inside and out.

The entire feature list of the Bonanza Turbo is available below, and also on Nexus Mods and GitHub, where you can also download the latest version of this freeware mod:

* Re-mapped turbo-powered engine for stunning performance
* Nine custom liveries.
* Brighter navigation and strobe lights
* Ambient wing lighting
* Brighter and much longer range landing & taxi lights
* Subtle light reflections on tarmac surfaces
* Re-positioned and re-calibrated interior light for better visibility
* Better suspension and landing gear handling on the ground.
* Adjusted wheel brakes for easier differential brake-turning
* Elimination of twitchy rudder on the ground and take-off run
* Full steering angle at low speeds yet controllable at high speeds
* Rock steady autopilot at normal simulator speed at all altitudes
* Elimination of random twitchy behaviour in non turbulent conditions
* Temp gauges more realistic
* More accurate fuel flow
* Engine changed to 6 cylinders with correct displacement
* Elimination of “baked in” artificial oscillations that are not weather related
* Elimination of artificial movement not related to landscape or air mass
* Harmonised and balanced controls with no pitch bobbing up and down
* Accurate aileron authority and roll rates at all airspeeds
* Proper spins rather than the default spiral dive
* Full side slip capability with up to 30 degrees slip angle
* Correct climb rates and cruise speeds for the turbo version
* A complete overhaul of flight dynamics
* Compatible with Working-Title’s G1000 mod