Orbx releases LGSK Skiathos International Airport for MSFS

After a short preview last week, Orbx has released today a new European airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator: LGSK Skiathos International Airport, in Greece.

Skiathos is a popular holiday destination in the Aegean Sea, known for its beaches and vibrant night-life, but the island’s small airport is also an attraction in itself. LGSK sits in a similar predicament to the world famous Princess Juliana Airport, enclaved between the sea on both ends and offering some spectacular views of approaching aircraft to people on the ground.

Orbx’s Skiathos Airport comes from developer Matteo Veneziani, who built a complete package that encompasses not only the airport itself but also the entire island. Not only will you find an accurate and high-quality replica of Skiathos Airport, but also a comprehensive addition of known buildings, hotels and other landmarks across the island.

Furthermore, the developer used updates aerial imagery from this year, 2021, in order to more accurately recreate the scenery and provide simmers with the most current state of Skiathos Airport in MSFS.

LGSK Skiathos International Airport is now available from Orbx Direct for €15,10.

Skiathos Airport MSFS 11

Skiathos Airport MSFS 10

Skiathos Airport MSFS 9

Skiathos Airport MSFS 8

Skiathos Airport MSFS 7

Skiathos Airport MSFS 6

Skiathos Airport MSFS 5

Skiathos Airport MSFS 4

Skiathos Airport MSFS 3

Main Features

  • Complete airport and island package
  • Highly detailed rendition of Skiathos Airport
  • 2021 custom aerial imagery for airport
  • Complete with PBR textures
  • Meticulous detail landside and airside
  • Custom GSE & static aircraft