The Airbus H145 for MSFS continues to look mighty impressive, will come out later this month

As you know, we’ve been following the development of the Airbus H145 very closely. After all, it’s promising to be the most prominent helicopter release yet for Flight Simulator, following the steps laid down by Hype Performance Group with its wonderful Airbus H135. The team has set a very rapid pace of development for the H145, with frequent updates to let us know how they are doing with the project. Everything seems to be moving along just fine, and the first early access release will happen, as expected, later this month.

On the latest development update, Steve takes us on another tour around some of the features included in this package, particularly concerning the luxury variant. The visuals are the most impressive thing thus far (and also the easier to grasp from these videos), showing an impressively detailed aircraft that just begs to be played with.

This time we get a close view into the rotor system of the H145 and how it animates in response to the pilot’s input. It’s a really cool thing to watch, seeing how the cyclic and collective work to affect the swashplate and rotor system.

On the interior, the team previews a few nice features such as door and privacy divider animations. Most importantly, in this latest video we have a closer look into the advanced system functionality that is currently being implemented by lead developer David Amenta, such as the Helionix avionics and the Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS).

All signs are positive concerning the development of the H145, which is looking better on each development update. With the first flyable build coming over the next couple of weeks, we will finally be able to see if ambitious promises will be fulfilled by the team. Judging by the confidence around this project, which we measured in our interview with Steve Daniels a couple of months ago, we are in for a very exciting new helicopter for MSFS. Stay tuned!