The L-1049 Super Constellation for MSFS is looking mighty impressive

Remember the Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation, which has been in development for MSFS by Red Wing Simulations? Well, it appears we have some very exciting developments from this project. Initially, we didn’t have a lot of information about it, other than the idea to launch this product in stages, with increasingly added features. But now, a few months later, it appears Red Wing is getting ready to launch the first phase of the Connie, and they have a series of new videos to show!

Initial promises for this Super Constellation were high from the developers. Their goal was to create an accurate simulation where fans of this iconic aircraft could dive deep into and lose themselves on the intricate procedures that are necessary to make it fly. With that in mind, Red Wing Simulations planned 4 phases of development, each of them with new features being introduced, for the ultimate Super Constellation simulation for MSFS. You can visualize the progress of each phase on the official product website.

This week we got some promising signs that an initial release may be imminent for this aircraft. For starters, the developers have shared 4 detailed videos of the Connie in action in MSFS, showing the first stages of operation on a typical day with the aircraft. These 4 videos show us the L-1049’s full startup procedures, warm-up, taxiing and before takeoff checklists, and finally a preview of the autopilot, when the aircraft is already in-flight. Watch them below:

There’s a couple key takeaways from these videos, which we highly recommend you to watch. Firstly, it’s clear that Red Wing is bringing us a truly deep simulation of the Constellation, to rival its closest competitor in MSFS, the PMDG DC-6. Secondly, the visuals may appear to be a little dated on these official videos, but we would hold our thoughts about that, because there’s also a very comprehensive preview video from TwoCats, on Twitch, who got early access to the aircraft and where we can actually see that it looks quite good, much better than in the official videos. It also appears to be a massive learning experience, something that will no doubt make many simmers happy.

For now, we don’t have a clear idea about a release date, although it seems to be not too far off. Red Wings say it will be available on Simmarket “soon”. We do know the initial pricing though: 42€ + tax. As it’s being launched in the 4 aforementioned stages, expect the price to increase once the product reaches the next phases of development. Those who buy it early will ensure the lowest price and have the guarantee of free forthcoming updates.

Red Wings Simulations is just a 3-man team, but what they have shown so far looks very impressive indeed, and we can’t wait to try this classic propliner in MSFS. Until then, enjoy the videos that we have and get ready to handle this aircraft by reading the extensive Flight Manual, also already available.

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