Orbx releases the EA-7 Edgley Optica, its first aircraft for MSFS

After an initial reveal two months ago, Orbx has released today its first airplane for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The EA-7 Edgley Optica is now available for some low, slow and long flights across the stunning scenery in MSFS.

The Optica offers a panoramic view from its bubble-like canopy, which makes it perfect for observation work. In fact, it was built as a low-cost alternative to helicopters, a simple-to-use and straightforward sightseeing machine that is still the joy of a small number of owners in the world.

Orbx recreated the Optica with great attention to detail, taking good care of the aircraft’s aesthetics and the flight characteristics too. This package includes a good selection of liveries, including a unique model with a front camera.

EA 7 Edgley Optica Orbx MSFS 4

EA 7 Edgley Optica Orbx MSFS 2

EA 7 Edgley Optica Orbx MSFS 1

EA 7 Edgley Optica Orbx MSFS 5

Given its great all-around visibility, the Optica is particularly engaging to fly in virtual reality. By enabling an almost vertical view over the ground below, the Optica offers a truly immersive experience in VR.

Orbx creates beautiful sceneries, including the Landmarks City Packs, which should be the perfect playground to fly the Optica and see all the stunning buildings in close detail. That was actually one of the reason the developers decided to create this aircraft, enabling virtual pilots to really enjoy the stunning sceneries that Orbx creates.

The EA-7 Edgley Optica is now available through Orbx Direct for $19.99 AUD | US $15.47 | €12,71 | £10.92.