Microsoft Flight Simulator releases the Cessna T207A Turbo Stationair and City Update V

The Microsoft Flight Simulator team has unveiled today two new content updates that promise to once again elevate the experience for simmers worldwide. One is dedicated to Europe, which receives high-fidelity scenery for 5 historic cities, and the other is a new Famous Flyer Aircraft, the Cessna T207A Turbo Stationair.

City Update V: European Cities I

City Update V, titled “European Cities I”, is a new expansion that brings five European urban regions to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This update results from the collaboration between Microsoft, Bing Maps, and Vexcel and showcases The Hague, Brussels, Košice, Zagreb, and Cádiz. Each city is rendered with the highest visual fidelity using the latest geographic information and TIN surface modeling.

The Hague in the Netherlands, known as the “international city of peace and justice,” features landmarks like The Peace Palace and Het Strijkijzer.

Brussels, Belgium’s capital, offers a rich tapestry of architectural styles, including the Royal Theatre of La Monnaie and the National Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

Košice, Slovakia’s second-largest city, presents a blend of classic and modern architecture, with highlights like the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth and the Urban Tower.

MSFS CU05 Screenshot 07 scaled 1

MSFS CU05 Screenshot 04 scaled 1

MSFS CU05 Screenshot 03 scaled 1

MSFS CU05 Screenshot 01 scaled 1

MSFS CU05 Screenshot 06 scaled 1

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is a city where classic meets modern, featuring the Croatian National Theater and Ban Jelačić Square.

Cádiz in Spain, one of Western Europe’s oldest inhabited cities, features the Casa de Iberoamérica and the Cádiz Cathedral.

City Update V: European Cities is now available in the Marketplace for all owners of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Famous Flyer 08: The Cessna T207A Turbo Stationair

The second major release today from the MSFS team is the Cessna T207A Turbo Stationair, a legend in the world of light civil utility aircraft. This single-engine, turbocharged variant of the model 207 is known for its exceptional short-field performance and bush-flying capabilities. The T207A, seating up to eight, is a direct descendant of the Cessna 210 and 206 families, renowned for their success in the civil light utility aircraft sector.

The T207A Turbo Stationair, often referred to as the “sport-utility vehicle of the sky,” is notable for its robustness and versatility. It measures 32 feet in length, has a wingspan of 36 feet, and is powered by a Continental TSIO-520-M turbocharged 6-cylinder piston engine. This powerhouse allows for a service ceiling of 26,000 feet, a cruising speed of 185 mph, and impressive short takeoff and landing capabilities.

MSFS C207 Screenshot 06 scaled 1

MSFS C207 Screenshot 04 scaled 1

MSFS C207 Screenshot 02 scaled 1

MSFS C207 Screenshot 01 scaled 1

MSFS C207 Screenshot 05 scaled 1

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s rendition of the Cessna T207A comes from the team at Carenado and promises to offer an authentic flying experience for simmers, available in standard, cargo/freighter, and skydiving configurations with a good variety of liveries.

The Cessna T207A is available now in the MSFS Marketplace and is priced at $14.99.