GKS releases the MiG-21Bis for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Remember the MiG-21Bis “Fishbed” for MSFS, which we previewed right at the start of 2022? Golden Key Studios, the Ukrainian team responsible for this project, has finally been able to launch this iconic Soviet-era fighter and interceptor for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the result of over two years of work.

We were impressed when we got the chance to talk with GKS earlier this year about this project. The small team of aviation enthusiasts from Kyiv, Ukraine, worked in close collaboration with real MiG-21 pilots and had access to actual training cockpits in the Ukrainian Youth Space Center, with whom GKS collaborates.

The MiG-21Bis is a true labor of love from GKS, who had already launched this aircraft for P3D. The legendary fighter has now landed in MSFS, where the detailed 3D model and textures shine with the modern rendering engine.

GKS says that this is a virtual replica of the MiG-21 with authentic flight dynamics, based on a military training simulator. Besides, MSFS simmers will find a realistic autopilot system and even fully functional fuel drop tanks and a drag chute with accurate dynamics!

GKS Mig 21 MSFS 23

GKS Mig 21 MSFS 22

GKS Mig 21 MSFS 20

GKS Mig 21 MSFS 19

GKS Mig 21 MSFS 17

GKS Mig 21 MSFS 12

GKS Mig 21 MSFS 3

The MiG-21Bis is now available in the MSFS Marketplace, priced at $39.99. GKS is planning to release the aircraft through other vendors in the future, where it will feature cosmetic weapons, which are not available in the Marketplace version released today (as with every other military aircraft).

Main features:

  • High quality external and internal models using PBR technology (Physically-Based Rendering) ­
  • Realistic flight model based on the MiG-21Bis military training simulator.
  • Accurate Pylons, Racks & Stores Weight and Drag
  • Realistic Engine Characteristics
  • Authentic Autopilot System
  • Detailed Landing Gear Structural Model
  • Accurate DRAG CHUTE Dynamics