Excellent freeware Cessna T-37B Tweet now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

The first jet trainer designed from the ground up to fill that role in the United States Air Force is now available for MSFS, courtesy of a talented independent developer who has recently released this project for free for the community to enjoy. The Cessna T-37 Tweet, a beloved military training jet that flew for several decades following its introduction in the 1950s, has been meticulously recreated by developer VrilleAPlat and promises to transport virtual pilots to a bygone era delivering a nostalgic and immersive experience that showcases the thrilling charm of the T-37.

With its rich history, distinct design, and captivating performance, the Cessna T-37B Tweet holds a special place in the hearts of many aviators that served under the USAF and many other Air Forces around the world. This new mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator aims to capture the essence of the classic aircraft, offering a detailed model (the instrument panel is especially great!) and an impressive simulation that pays homage to the T-37B’s legacy while being totally free for MSFS users.

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The Cessna T-37 Tweet is a twin-engine, two-seat, side-by-side primary military training jet designed by Cessna in the 1950s. First put into service in June 1956, the T-37B model succeeded the T-37A with 10% more powerful engines and improved avionics. The T-37A fleet was later modified into T-37Bs, while the T-37C variant featured light armament for training purposes and additional wingtip tanks. The aircraft was used in about twenty countries throughout its history and was still recently in service in Pakistan.

This freeware rendition of the T-37B comes with four liveries, a painting kit, a small documentation set, and various failure systems, including engine, canopy, and landing lights, as well as visual effects like smoke and engine fire. It has been available for just a few days, but version 1.1 has already been released, incorporating new features and improvements, such as:

  • A new whistling sound, more reminiscent of the real aircraft, with options for users to adjust the volume according to their preference
  • Slower landing gear doors, although still quick to mimic the real aircraft’s behavior
  • An altimeter needle scaled every 100 feet
  • A slower fuel gauge needle
  • An improved “toilet bowl” in the CDI instrument
  • An operational marker light
  • Slower engine spool-up, especially at low RPMs, making landings more challenging and realistic
  • Attenuated scratches on the canopy
  • Integration of a VR Camera fix
  • Fixed quick cockpit cameras for Left/Right/Up/Rear views
  • Various minor adjustments
Cessna T 37 Tweet MSFS freeware 5

The developer has thoughtfully provided a detailed guide for users to customize the whistling sound volume by diving into the mod’s folder structure. Users can find two subfolders, DefaultSound and LowSound, within the sound folder. To lower the turbine volume without affecting other sounds, simply copy the sound.xml file from the LowSound folder and paste it into the main sound folder, replacing the existing sound.xml file.

VrilleAPlat’s attention to detail and dedication to realism have resulted in a comprehensive, engaging, and overall rather impressive simulation of the Cessna T-37B Tweet for MSFS, especially considering that it doesn’t cost a dime. Simmers can now immerse themselves in the experience of piloting this classic military training jet in the simulator!

If you’re interested in exploring the freeware Cessna T-37B Tweet you can download it from flightsim.to.