Shrike Simulations’ F-86 Sabre now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Today marks the release of Shrike Simulations’ latest aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the F-86 Sabre. Shrike, a sub-brand of Blackbird Simulations, brings us one of America’s most iconic combat jets, known for its pivotal role during the Korean War.

The Sabre is the third release for Shrike, following the PA-30 and the 530f helicopter, and continues their motto of creating affordable high-quality models that focus on the core flying experience, with great visuals inside and out but without some of the bells and whistles found on Blackbird’s releases.

I’ve had the opportunity to fly the F-86 for a couple of weeks (read our review here) and found an immensely enjoyable aircraft with awesome visuals inside and out, engaging flight dynamics, great sounds, and an overall very accessible package.

Shrike F 86 Sabre MSFS 4

Shrike F 86 Sabre MSFS 6

Shrike F 86 Sabre MSFS 5

Shrike F 86 Sabre MSFS 2

Shrike F 86 Sabre MSFS 1

Shrike’s promised features are perfectly in tune with the final product and include:

  • High quality 3D model, with realistic textures.
  • Professionally created & pilot tested flight dynamics.
  • Period-accurate sound set.
  • Additional customizable capabilities such as: fuel tanks, visible missiles/ bombs, visible gun sights & machine gun firing.
  • 13 custom pilot models & liveries.

The Shrike F-86 Sabre is out now at an attractive price point of $19.95 USD.