SimWorks Studios shows first in-sim images of Kodiak 900 for MSFS

SimWorks Studios is returning to the Daher Kodiak aircraft series in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Building on the success of the acclaimed Kodiak 100, SWS is now apparently putting the final touches on the Kodiak 900, a “bigger, faster brother” to the 100.

With a keen focus on offering a more powerful aircraft without compromising the essence of what made the Kodiak 100 beloved, SimWorks Studios is setting its sights on delivering another highly capable adventure aircraft that MSFS simmers can look forward to taking nearly everywhere in the world.

The SWS Kodiak 900 was announced just over a year ago and it follows shortly on the heels of the real-world aircraft, which was unveiled to the public in 2022. Equipped with a formidable 900hp engine that supports its larger stature and powers its increased operational capabilities, the Kodiak is truly a workhorse of the skies.

However, its key differences compared to the Kodiak 100 mean that, while more capable in terms of payload, it’s not quite as nimble at getting in and out of tough spots. In fact, aerodynamic improvements to the design, such as wheel pants and a blended cargo pod, collectively work to minimize airframe drag, thus enhancing overall performance, at the cost of some ruggedness.

As such, despite boasting some superior capabilities that retain the Kodiak 900’s commendable STOL characteristics, the wheel fairings, for example, limit the types of runway surfaces that the Kodiak 900 can use.

Despite these differences, Kodiak 100 pilots will feel right at home in the 900. The cockpit layout is very similar, and the G1000NXi avionics are common between the two, making the transition smooth and easy.

SimWorks Studios Kodiak 900 MSFS 1

SimWorks Studios Kodiak 900 MSFS 3

Like the 100, the Kodiak 900 has a customizable interior that can accommodate different layouts and use cases. One of the photos shared by the team shows a typical cabin layout for passenger transport, but expect to see other options.

The Kodiak 900 is certainly a very compelling aircraft for simmers looking to venture into the backcountry in Microsoft Flight Simulator. SimWorks Studios doesn’t provide an estimated release date for now, but they will surely share more details in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!