Sofly brings Dinosaurs to Microsoft Flight Simulator

Today is April Fools’ Day, which usually means flight simulation developers indulge in some fun announcements and releases. From //42’s final unveiling of ChasePlane to Indiafoxtecho’s “cancellation” of the Tornado, we quickly learn on this day not to take any words too seriously from the developers.

Still, some jokes turn out to be very real, as is the case with SoFly’s latest release. Dinosaurs in Flight Simulator? Why not!? It’s not only a fun idea but actually something you can install and see with your own eyes.

SoFly’s Dinosaurs for MSFS allows users to see these mighty animals, who once roamed the Earth, not only from the higher vantage point provided by an aircraft but also in more detail down below. From the formidable Tyrannosaurus Rex to the serene Stegosaurus, this add-on includes a variety of dinosaurs, inviting users to experience the thrill of navigating through a world populated by these prehistoric creatures.

One of the addon’s main attractions is the Jurassic Track (ICAO: PHJP), which is designed to resemble the setting of the famous dinosaur film franchise. This track challenges users to a rally race amidst dinosaurs, including fast-paced encounters with raptors and strategic navigation around obstacles such as a deserted campsite, all while staying vigilant of a wandering T-Rex. Great for //44’s Juice Goose!

SoFly has leveraged the framework of their previous Animals for MSFS to scatter thousands of dinosaurs across the globe. These dinosaurs are placed in historically accurate locations, complemented by custom sound effects that aim to enhance the realism of these encounters.

SoFly’s Dinosaurs for MSFS is now available on SoFly’s website, requiring only an email for access. It’s free for a limited time until it gets released in the Marketplace for both PC and Xbox later this month. It will then be priced accordingly, but there are no details about that at this moment.