FlyingIron Simulations releases the F6F Hellcat for Microsoft Flight Simulator

A new warbird is out for MSFS! FlyingIron Simulations has released today the F6F Hellcat, the mighty WWII fighter that dominated the skies in the Pacific Theatre. MSFS simmers will now have the chance to experience the power of this highly-successful machine, with a beautifully detailed model brought to us by the same team who created the spectacular Spitfire Mk IX and the P-38L Lightning.

FlyingIron Simulations first unveiled this project back in January, promising a supreme rendition of this iconic war machine for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We knew a release was impending after the first preview videos started pouring out last week.

The Hellcat has some truly impressive specs. It’s powered by a massive 2,000hp radial engine, which enables speeds of up to 629km/h (391mph). The spec list of the real aircraft is only beaten by the feature list of FlyingIron’s rendition for MSFS, which promises a very comprehensive package where no detail has been spared.

FlyingIron Simulations Hellcat MSFS 7.png

FlyingIron Simulations Hellcat MSFS 5.png

FlyingIron Simulations Hellcat MSFS 4.png

FlyingIron Simulations Hellcat MSFS 2.png

FlyingIron Simulations Hellcat MSFS 3.png

This virtual model of the Hellcat has been meticulously put together by the talented team at FlyingIron Simulations. If you’ve tried their Spitfire and the P-38L you know you’re in for a treat! Furthermore, there are a number of nifty features that we don’t often see, such as cockpit shake effects, custom ground handling physics, automated flaps (a revolutionary feature of the time), and more.

FlyingIron promises a highly realistic experience throughout the whole package. The Hellcat should fly in MSFS just like the real aircraft, coupled with realistic systems and procedures. The development team makes use of extensive custom programming to enable a deep simulation of key areas such as thermodynamics, engine damage, water injection, and more.

As a US Navy fighter, the Hellcat wouldn’t be complete without carrier capabilities. Thankfully, this is accounted for in this model for MSFS, so you should be able to test the Hellcat with the existing carrier mods for MSFS. Check here and here for some ideas!

FlyingIron Simulations Hellcat MSFS 9.png

FlyingIron Simulations Hellcat MSFS 8.png

FlyingIron Simulations Hellcat MSFS 1.png

The Hellcat also comes with a few modern niceties. The FlyingIron UI Tablet has been included, enabling users to customize a few areas of the aircraft and perform basic maintenance tasks. Furthermore, the collimated gunsight can be swapped for a GNS530 GPS unit… a heresy, some might say, but undeniably useful. And totally optional!

This all sounds like a really nice package, which can now be yours for around USD$35. The Hellcat is currently on sale through FlyingIron’s own website, but a Marketplace release is expected within 3 weeks or so… for both PC and Xbox!

Main features:

  • Gorgeous 3D Artwork, lovingly crafted over 6+ months to capture every fine detail of the real airframe
  • Professional Wwise 3D Sound Design, using professionally captured audio recordings from a real F6F Hellcat & R-2800 Double Wasp Engine
  • Ultra-realistic Flight Model, extensively tested & validated by real-world pilots with Warbird flying experience.
  • Deep & realistic modelling of all aircraft engine & cockpit systems – pilots must fly as per real-world techniques & procedures to get the most out of the sim
  • Extensive integration of custom modelling that overrides default MSFS behaviour – Thermodynamics (heat & cooling modelling), ground handling, engine damage, water injection and much more
  • Full integration of the FlyingIron UI Tablet, featuring saveable user customisation options, settings, basic maintenance and live aircraft reports
  • Detailed engine damage modelling (optional)
  • Collimated Gunsight can be swapped for integrated GNS530 GPS
  • Comprehensive user manual, complete with a large amount of reference tables, charts & procedures