(Out now!) Leonardo announces MD-83/-88 Expansion for Fly the Maddog X in MSFS

Update, March 23rd – Well that was quick! Leonardo’s MD-83/-88 Expansion for the Fly the Maddog X is out now for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s priced at €25 through SimMarket.

Leonardo Software, the developers behind the highly realistic Fly the Maddog X simulation for Microsoft Flight Simulator, have announced today the imminent release of the MD-83/-88 Expansion Pack for their MD-82, which add two new variants of the MD-80 family for MSFS users to enjoy in the simulator.

The MD-83 is a longer-range variant of the MD-82, with increased capacity and more powerful engines. Arguably more interesting is the MD-88, which is the last variant of the family and is mostly characterized by the EFIS cockpit, which introduces advanced avionics when compared to the more traditional analog cockpit found in earlier variants.

Fly the Maddog released MSFS 1

The MD-83/-88 expansion is now available on SimMarket. Here’s what you’re getting with this pack:

  • JT8D-219 engines with specific and accurate flight dynamics. 
  • Additional fuel tanks and Aux Fuel Pump system for the MD-83, with accurate burning schedule.
  • Automatic fuel balance system.
  • Updated load manager tool for fuel/load and route planning.
  • Updated MD-83 and MD-88 virtual cockpit, with specific MD-83 and MD-88 systems, instruments, and switches.

As a token of appreciation for their loyal customer base, Leonardo Software is offering a free copy of the MD-83/-88 expansion for MSFS to users who have previously purchased the MD-83/-88 variants for P3D. To claim their free copy, customers can follow the instructions provided on the product page at SimMarket.

In addition to the expansion, Leonardo is also updating the Fly the Maddog X package with various bug fixes and quality-of-life enhancements:

Release Notes (v 1.2b152):

  • FIXED:
    • Issue when changing APPROACH while navigating STAR
    • Issue in W&B EFB app resetting changes when reopening app (if SimBrief/PFPX option not set)
    • Issue in MDClient crashing to desktop when printing subsequent ACARS messages
    • Approximations issues for pax weight when importing from SimBrief using lbs units
    • Improved engine smoke effect
    • Improved engine fire effect
  • MODEL:
    • Fixed wrong UV mapping of lower aft antenna
  • OTHER:
    • Added option to force ‘norm to’ in EFB perf app (shows same values as speed card)
    • Changed jetway setup for proper default scenery setting
    • Elevator displaced when resting or taxiing slowly on windy days, even after the first flight
    • Added compatibility for MD-83/-88 extension pack
    • Added volume settings for BG music in Load Manager
    • ACARS LOAD SHEET can have small random variations with respect to OFP when realistic mode is enabled
    • Updated Fly the Maddog X Quick Guide MSFS 2020
    • Updated Fly the Maddog X User Manual MSFS 2020