Sim Skunk Works releases the Lockheed Martin TF-104G Starfighter for MSFS

After months of very promising development, Sim Skunk Works has finally released today its Lockheed Martin TF-104G Starfighter. The gorgeous interceptor finally arrives to MSFS in a very detail simulation, where nearly every system has been modelled, including the NASARR R-15 radar.

The Starfighter is the second MSFS aircraft from Sim Skunk Work, who released the excellent Fiat Aeritalia G-91 in the beginning of the year. Now, almost a year later, Sim Skunk Works returns with an iconic military jet, a supersonic interceptor that despite its birth stateside, actually became most widely used outside the US. It was a record-breaking aircraft, simultaneously owning the world records for speed, altitude and time-to-climb.

The Starfigher was a notoriously difficult machine to master. It claimed many pilot’s lives, and was known as the “Widows Maker” in Germany… Thankfully, it’s a perfectly safe airplane to fly in MSFS, and considering what Sim Skunk Works is promising, it’s likely to be a very engaging and unique experience. As we’ve seen before, the NASARR R-15 is fully functional, offering some really cool features for pilots in MSFS, such as enabling interceptor capabilities or terrain detection.

Sim skunk works tf 104 g starfighter msfs 1

Sim skunk works tf 104 g starfighter msfs 2

Sim skunk works tf 104 g starfighter msfs 3

Sim skunk works tf 104 g starfighter msfs 4

Sim Skunk Works say they have modelled the TF-104G in great detail, fully animated and with both front and rear cockpits. A single seater is also planned for the future. As for the flight model, the developers claim that it’s about 99% accurate, fully tested and validated by an actual Starfighter pilot.

This is indeed a promising new aircraft. The radar in itself is a rather unique feature, but there’s more, such as the way the usage of external loads affects the flight model of the airplane or the custom sound set, created from live recordings.

There’s a lot to learn in this aircraft, so Sim Skunk Works includes some handy documentation, such as a user guide for the NASAR R15A, or the original 700-page flight manual.

The TF-104G Starfighter is now available, priced at around $40.00 / €35.00.

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