Flight Replicas releases Spitfire Mk.1a and Mk.IIa for Microsoft Flight Simulator

One cannot have too many Spitfires, right? If you’re still longing for a different variant of the legendary British fighter, Flight Replicas has your back with the brand-new Mk.1a and Mk.IIa for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This launch brings a piece of World War II aviation history into the MSFS skies in one of its earlier versions.

The Supermarine Spitfire needs no introduction to most pilots. First flown on March 5, 1936, it’s a true aviation legend, renowned for its role in the Battle of Britain and throughout World War II. Flight Replicas’ Spitfire for MSFS includes the Mk.1a, crucial in the 1940 development phase, and the Mk.IIa variant, representing the evolution of this historic aircraft. An added bonus for simmers is the prototype Mk.1a LR (Long Range), a unique variant designed to extend the Spitfire’s operational range. And the developer has more variants in line for launch, such as the Mk.Vb we preview a few months back!

Flight Replicas Spitfire Mk1 A MSFS 8

Flight Replicas Spitfire Mk1 A MSFS 7

Flight Replicas Spitfire Mk1 A MSFS 6

Flight Replicas Spitfire Mk1 A MSFS 5

Flight Replicas Spitfire Mk1 A MSFS 4

Flight Replicas Spitfire Mk1 A MSFS 2

Flight Replicas Spitfire Mk1 A MSFS 1

As usual from Flight Replicas, we’re looking at a fairly detailed and historically accurate aircraft. There are some interesting details such as the fact that these models reflect the switch from 87 Octane to 100 Octane fuel in 1940, which enhanced the performance of the Merlin engine. As for the cockpit, it features a mix of functional and non-functional elements, including magneto switches, an oxygen panel, and a detailed main panel.

The package promises an authentic flying experience, replicating the Spitfire’s renowned handling and controllability. Pilots can expect a sensitive elevator compared to other aircraft and need to be cautious during crosswind take-offs and landings. The detailed manual (available for free here) guides users through various procedures, including engine start-up, testing, takeoff, climbing, cruising, and landing.

Flight Replicas’ Spitfire Mk.1a and Mk.IIa package is available now from the MSFS Marketplace, for both PC and Xbox, priced at $19.49 USD. This is the 5th aircraft release for MSFS by Flight Replicas, following the L-4 Grasshopper, the PA-11, P-40N, and the Fox Moth.