Cera Sim releases the Mi-17 helicopter for Microsoft Flight Simulator

After a few teasers in recent weeks, Cera Sim has released today its first helicopter for MSFS, the mighty Mi-17. This behemoth of the skies is a versatile aircraft known for its ability to handle a variety of missions, including passenger and troop transport, fire support, convoy escort, patrol, fire attack, and search-and-rescue operations. It’s a model that’s globally operated and recognized for its robust capabilities.

The Mi-17 is powered by two Klimov VK2500 engines, each delivering 2,700 horsepower. This formidable power allows the helicopter to carry up to 36 passengers or 8,800 lbs of cargo, with a maximum takeoff weight of 28,600 lbs. It’s a true workhorse of the skies, with advanced avionics and engines that ensure reliable and efficient performance, even in hostile environments!

Cera Sim’s rendition of the Mi-17 for MSFS focuses on the V-5 variant. The package includes three different exterior versions: Civil, Armor protection, and Armor with weapon stores. The developers say that both the interior and exterior are rendered with full PBR materials and high-definition textures, even if, judging from the official product images, the interior looks significantly less impressive than the exterior…

Cera Sim Mi 17 MSFS 5

Cera Sim Mi 17 MSFS 4

Cera Sim Mi 17 MSFS 3

Cera Sim Mi 17 MSFS 2

Cera Sim Mi 17 MSFS 6

Cera Sim says its Mi-17’s virtual cockpit is fully clickable, featuring 3D gauges and a fully simulated Voice Warning System. There are also plenty of animations that add to the realism, including wipers, fan pilot/copilot, passenger sliding doors, cargo ramp, hoist rescue, engine exhaust covers, pitot covers, wheel chocks, nose compartment door, engine’s cowling, jettison pilot’s sliding windows, and fully animated main and tail rotors.

The Cera Sim Mi-17V-5 for MSFS is now available for purchase through SimMarket, priced at just over €30.00.