SimWorks Studios announces release date and pricing for the PC-12 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

SimWorks Studios has officially announced the launch date for their highly anticipated Pilatus PC-12/47 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The release is set for December 6 at 12:00 GMT, just under two weeks from now, and in line with previous SWS’s releases it’s priced very affordably for the high level of detail it’s set to offer: just €24.99.

The SWS PC-12 promises to offer exceptional value for the quality and features it brings to the table. The team revealed that it will initially be available on their website at and the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace, pending approval from Microsoft. Further details on availability in other stores will be disclosed next week.

This release will be exclusive to PC users initially, due to a specific bug affecting Xbox platforms. SimWorks Studios has assured that they are diligently working to resolve this issue and will follow up with a console release as soon as possible.



The PC-12/47 stands out as SimWorks Studios’ most ambitious project to date. It boasts their most complex flight model and engine, and a first-of-its-kind in-house built avionics suite. Additionally, the aircraft offers multiple interior configurations, catering to a wide range of preferences and simulating scenarios.

While the December 6th release marks the beginning of the PC-12/47 experience, SimWorks Studios has planned continuous upgrades to the aircraft, enriching it with more features over time. Notably, work has already commenced on a separate failures expansion module. This module, designed to introduce failures organically, will also be adaptable to other aircraft in their lineup.

In the lead-up to the release, the team is finalizing the comprehensive manual for the PC-12/47. This manual is expected to be available to users before the aircraft’s release, ensuring a smooth and informed flying experience from day one.

The SWS PC-12 will be the third in a series of high-quality turboprops that have recently graced the skies in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Blacksquare TBM 850 and FSReborn’s FSR500 have set incredible new standards for this category in recent weeks, so SimWorks Studios has strong competition in this area, which they will certainly try to tackle with their officially licensed and manufacturer-approved PC-12, alongside the excellent value offered by its price tag. It’s a great time for general aviation in Microsoft Flight Simulator!