Passenger simulator Passenger2 is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Passenger2, an innovative new passenger and crew simulation add-on for MSFS and other simulators, is now available for purchase. It’s being touted as “the most advanced passenger and crew add-on for Flight Simulator” and attempts to fill a niche that was once filled by the much-beloved (and now abandoned) FSPassengers.

Developed under the leadership of Scott Thompson, Passenger2 introduces advanced passenger realism to flight simulators. Users can delve into the complexities of managing and growing their own airline, which involves strategic decisions such as purchasing and selling aircraft to maintain a profitable fleet and managing ground handling contracts to balance quality and cost.

Additionally, Passenger2 users can sign catering contracts to offer onboard services, which includes creating a menu, setting prices, and managing stock. While not a real-life pilot’s responsibility, this management aspect may appeal to simmers who would like to explore the world of airline management while still carrying on the role of pilot in command.

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Passenger2 is packed with features that will keep users busy during flights. Crew interactions are included and users can use the interphone to communicate with the flight manager during flights, and the crew, in turn, will reach out to the captain to report on cabin conditions or seek confirmations.

One of the key features of Passenger2 is the announcement system. All announcements in the software adhere to real-world airline standards, enhanced by airline sound packs with realistic voices. For now, Passenger2 includes sound packs for Air France, American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia, and Lufthansa, but more are currently planned or already in development.

In Passenger2, a pilot’s reputation is crucial. Keeping passengers satisfied is essential for becoming a highly-rated pilot. Everything you do should be measured by the system in order to rate your performance. The software even introduces random events, from dealing with unruly passengers to handling in-flight emergencies like oven fires, adding a layer of unpredictability to your flights.

During the last month, Passenger2 released details on VR testing. Lead Developer Scott Thompson said, “We have had many requests for VR support and have conducted many tests with third-party software.” Passenger2 has been tested and works with OVR Toolkit, Steam VR Overlay and WMR.

Passenger2 has also released a surprise feature, “Passenger2 Live“, which shows a live display of user’s flights and passenger satisfaction levels on their website, although this feature appears to be under maintenance at the time of this writing.

Passenger2 is now available for MSFS, priced at $32.99 + tax.

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