Rutan Long-EZ nears release by Indiafoxtecho

Dino Cattaneo from Indiafoxtecho has been teasing this for weeks, but it seems his Long-EZ is finally about the be released.

It what is certainly one of the most interesting-looking aircraft to come for MSFS so far, the Long-EZ is a product of aircraft design genius Burt Rutan, probably most recently famous for his rocket-powered SpaceShipOne aircraft.

In an update posted on Indiafoxtecho’s Facebook, Dino Cattaneo detailed some last minute changes to the Long-EZ, like a new instrument panel color, de introduction of 8K internal textures, or the addition of the rear seat stick. The package is now being reviewed by Microsoft, which is promising regarding an impending release date.

The Long-EZ has been teased for several weeks now, and just a week ago was declared by the developer as “ready to be released“, just waiting for the first big MSFS patch to make some adjustments, which has happened in the meantime. Price is also already set to 15€.

This will be a low-cost project that is more focused on fun and accessibility than realism, while still providing a decent rendition of this iconic aircraft. It definitely looks really cool and fun and we can’t wait for it to be released. We will make sure to let you know once that happens!

In the meantime, the screenshots: