The iconic LZ-129 Hindenburg is coming soon to Microsoft Flight Simulator

Red Wing Simulations, a team that specialises in bringing vintage aviation to the modern world of Microsoft Flight Simulator (see the L-1049 Super Constellation) seems to be on the verge of releasing one of the most famous flying machines ever built: the LZ-129 Hindenburg.

Red Wing’s MSFS 1935 series is one of the most interesting projects for the simulator, dedicated to recreating what flying was like in the 1930s through the release of historically accurate airfields, scenery packages, and aircraft. The Hindenburg falls perfectly within this product line as one of the most iconic aircraft of the era.

The LZ-129 Hindenburg is the largest rigid airship ever built and existed in a pivotal time for this kind of machine. In the end, its spectacular demise set the fate for the entire class and the world went on to fly on winged machines.

This week, Red Wing released a trailer video showcasing the Hindenburg in Microsoft Flight Simulator, highlighting detailed interiors and striving to accurately replicate the historical ambiance of the Hindenburg.

The released trailer offers a glimpse into the recreated interiors of the Hindenburg, including the dining room, lounges, and passenger areas. These elements appear to have been designed to mirror the original design and feel of the airship, which simmers will definitely have time to enjoy during the… two-day transatlantic flight. Ouch!

red wing hindenberg msfs 2

On its website, Red Wing says the LZ-129 Hindenburg would come to MSFS in Q3 2023, which has obviously come and gone by now. However, the new trailer hints at some news soon. What we do know is that the Hindenburg is coming to both PC and Xbox, which is always great to see.

We’ll be on the lookout for further updates about this historical release for MSFS. Stay tuned!