Just Flight’s Avro Vulcan launching for MSFS next Tuesday, watch the first previews here!

Just Flight’s Avro Vulcan is one of the most anticipated new aircraft releases this season. As we’ve seen in past development updates, Just Flight is looking to deliver a very authentic aircraft for MSFS simmers, complete with real-world sounds recorded from the real-world Vulcan XM655 it’s based on. And we won’t have to wait much longer as it has now been revealed that the much-awaited Avro Vulcan is coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator next Tuesday!

Just Flight hinted at an imminent release this week through their Facebook page, where pricing was also revealed: £27.99/€29.95/$32.99. But it was our friend Twotonemurphy who revealed an exact date during his preview of the aircraft, where he gave us an early look at the Vulcan, focusing on the detailed cockpit design and the immersive sound environment.

The cockpit, modeled on the real-world Vulcan XM655, features photo-realistic textures and wear-and-tear effects, providing a sense of sitting in an actual battle-worn Vulcan bomber​​. The meticulous attention to detail extends to animated components like armrests, ejector seat pins, sun visors, and a fully animated center fuel console, all contributing to what is poised to be an utterly immersive experience!

What’s particularly surprising about the Vulcan is its price. Just Flight has been a bit on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to add-on prices for MSFS but, at $32.99, the Vulcan may reflect a revised pricing strategy aimed at broader accessibility. It still bears all the signs of a high-fidelity product in line with the studio’s previous releases but comes with a more inviting price tag.

The Vulcan is an experience that promises a lot with its detailed design, immersive sounds, high-fidelity simulation, and user-friendly price tag. Stay tuned for further previews in the coming days ahead of the planned release next Tuesday!