Just Flight previews the incredible texturing work inside the upcoming Avro Vulcan for MSFS

Just Flight’s Avro Vulcan for Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to set high expectations, based both on the developer’s work so far in MSFS and also on the remarkable preview materials we’ve got of the aircraft so far.

We previously told you about the impressive weaponry that you’ll be able to display on the Vulcan, as well as a detailed list of features Just Flight is building into the package, and today we’re bringing you a closer look at the simply outstanding visuals inside the cockpit, as the project gets closer to the last stages of development ahead of a release which we’re hoping to take place before the end of the year.

The highlight of Just Flight’s latest development update on the Vulcan is undoubtedly the cockpit. Just Flight’s cockpit artists have outdone themselves, creating an environment that is not just visually stunning but also incredibly authentic. Leveraging high-quality reference materials (this virtual rendition is based on the real-world Vulcan XM655 based at Wellesbourne Airfield), the cockpit now features photo-realistic textures on all panels. The wear and tear have been meticulously placed to match the real aircraft, giving you the feeling of sitting in a battle-worn Vulcan bomber. It looks absolutely fantastic!

Just Flight Vulcan cockpit MSFS 11.PNG

Just Flight Vulcan cockpit MSFS 10.PNG

Just Flight Vulcan cockpit MSFS 9.PNG

Just Flight Vulcan cockpit MSFS 8.PNG

Just Flight Vulcan cockpit MSFS 7.PNG

Just Flight Vulcan cockpit MSFS 5.PNG

Just Flight Vulcan cockpit MSFS 4.PNG

Just Flight Vulcan cockpit MSFS 3.PNG

Just Flight Vulcan cockpit MSFS 1.PNG

Just Flight says that the cockpit artwork is now almost complete, with only minor bugs left to address. These include refining some of the switch animations to integrate seamlessly with the extensive collection of Vulcan switch sounds. Given the sheer number of switches in the cockpit, this is no small feat but is crucial to meet the high standards expected of Just Flight’s aircraft.

On the exterior front, minor bugs related to textures and liveries have been fixed. The team has also addressed some inaccuracies with the weapons, thanks to the keen observations from the community over the previous update. When it comes to system coding, all aircraft systems are now functional in the simulator. The team is now conducting full flights with the Vulcan, shifting their focus to bug fixing and potential areas for further simulation depth.

Just Flight Vulcan cockpit MSFS 2.PNG

The cockpit isn’t just about switches; it also features a variety of other animations to keep you immersed. These include animated armrests, removable ejector seat pins, animated sun visors and black-out blinds, and even a fully animated center fuel console between the pilot seats.

The team is now gearing up to move on to sound previews in the coming weeks, another highly anticipated aspect of this aircraft. Given Just Flight’s track record, these are sure to be a treat for the ears. If you remember, they recorded real sounds from the Vulcan earlier this year.

This update certainly whets the appetite for what’s to come. It’s clear that a lot of love and attention to detail is going into the development of the Avro Vulcan, making it one of the most awaited add-ons for MSFS. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project and enjoy the stunning new images above!