Flight Replicas is out with a new Spitfire for MSFS, the Mk.V

Flight Replicas is back with a new model of the legendary Supermarine Spitfire for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Following the launch of the Spitfire Mk.1a and Mk.IIa last year, the developer has now released the Mk.V variant, which offers two affordable packages (Standard and Tropical) for enthusiasts of this historic fighter.

The Mk.V variants introduce several features not found in Flight Replicas’ Mk.1 predecessors, such as selectable pilot models mid-flight, an authentic gear warning horn, wind noise effects with the canopy open, and correctly drooping elevators when parked. But there will be an upgrade for the Mk.1 package that will incorporate these enhancements.

As you’ve certainly noticed since Microsoft Flight Simulator came out in 2020, there have been a few Spitfire launches from a select few developers. Flight Replicas’ Mk.1 competes directly with Aeroplane Heaven’s excellent version, while FlyingIron Simulations also have a superb rendition of a later variant, the Mk.IXc. The new Mk.V from Flight Replicas fits right between those models, which many simmers will surely appreciate.

flight replicas spitfire mk v msfs 2

The rich history of the Spitfire, which first took to the skies on March 5, 1936, has been told numerous times. As a mainstay of the Royal Air Force during World War II, the Spitfire underwent numerous modifications across its variants, with the Mk.V serving as a pivotal design that saw extensive service from early 1941.

If you’re looking to learn more about the features of this aircraft, the freely available user manual offers plenty of insights to make a purchase decision easier. The manual meticulously outlines cockpit functions, recommended settings for realistic performance, and detailed instructions for operations ranging from engine start-up to landing.

The Spitfire Mk.V packages are offered in two variants, Standard and Tropical. This allows simmers to access smaller, more focused packages, making the experience both affordable and tailored to individual interests. They are available exclusively through the MSFS Marketplace, priced at $12.40 for the Standard variant and $8.49 for the Mk.V Tropical.