New helicopter! Cowan Sim releases the R22 for MSFS

Cowan Simulation has now established itself as the most prolific helicopter developer for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with no sign of slowing down. After releasing models such as the R66, H125, 222B, among others, Cowan Sim has now introduced a new aircraft from the Robinson Helicopter Company, the R22.

Like its previous releases, Cowan Sim relied on feedback from real-world pilots, which hopefully ensures a realistic rendition and behavior of the R22 helicopter, whose flight model is completely native to MSFS and doesn’t require any external programs.

This product is packed with features and customization options, such as the throttle and idle stop that can be mapped to flight hardware. The R22 also remembers weight and balance settings, along with any visible options chosen, for subsequent flights.

Cowan Sim R22 helicopter MSFS 4

Cowan Sim R22 helicopter MSFS 1

Cowan Sim R22 helicopter MSFS 7

Cowan Sim R22 helicopter MSFS 6

Cowan Sim R22 helicopter MSFS 3

The developer promises that those who purchase this package will be able to experience a true-to-life startup procedure, interact with functioning systems complete with working breakers, and have the company of an animated passenger for additional immersion.

Advanced navigation options are available as well, with the R22 seamlessly integrating with popular GPS systems like the PMS GTN 650/750 and the TDS GTNXi 650/750. VR pilots are also not left out and can experience the R22 in all its glory in virtual reality.

The CowanSim R22 for MSFS is another compelling proposition for virtual pilots seeking a feature-rich and realistic helicopter experience. It’s available right now exclusively through the developer’s own website, but Marketplace versions for both PC and Xbox are also in the pipeline and will be available soon. Price: $24.99.

Cowan Sim R22 helicopter MSFS 2

Cowan Sim R22 helicopter MSFS 8


  • Free Future Updates
  • Bindable Throttle
  • All Default Bindings Work
  • Bindings Explained in Manual
  • Detailed Manual
  • Detailed Paint Kit
  • Persistence Saves Weight & Balance
  • Persistence Saves Options for Next Flight
  • Tested and Zeroed in by Real Pilots
  • Realistic Start-Up Procedure
  • Realistic Systems
  • Working Breakers
  • Animated Passenger
  • In Cockpit 3D Checklist
  • 3 Panel Variants (G530/GTN/Analog)
  • PMS GTN 650/750 Integration
  • TDS GTNXi 650/750 Integration
  • Solo Controls Optional
  • Individually Removeable Doors
  • Working Heater
  • Vibration Animations
  • 22 Paint Jobs (liveries)
  • Dynamic Weight Options
  • Wwsie Fully Dynamic Sound Pack
  • Confirmed Fully VR Ready
  • Realistic Flight Dynamics
  • Custom 3D Instruments
  • Detailed Night Lighting
  • Accurate 3D Modeling
  • 4K PBR Textures