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Every day, with our continuous coverage of what is going on in the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator, we hope to be a good source for you in finding and learning about the most interesting aircraft currently being created for MSFS. To be even more helpful, we are compiling a list of every meaningful aircraft in the pipeline for a release in MSFS. A list that you will find below, regularly updated, divided by categories, with aircraft names and the developers behind the project.

We understand that many projects are either obscure or have not yet been properly announced, so we ask for your input about anything that you know about that might be missing from this list. Let us know in the comments below about an aircraft that you know to be in active development, and we will quickly update the roster.

Without further ado, see below what is currently under development and find out if your favorite aircraft will soon come to MSFS. A detailed changelog is available at the bottom of the list.

Last updated on April 7, 2024.

General Aviation (Single Engine)

AircraftDeveloper Notes
Beechcraft Sierra C24RFlysimwarePayware
Cessna O-1 BirddogATSimulationsPayware
Diamond DA50 RGGot FriendsPayware
Diamond DA50 RGSkyward SimulationsPayware
DHC-3 OtterBlackbird SimulationsPayware
Epic LTLionheart CreationsPayware
GippsAero GA8 AirvanSimWorks StudiosPayware
Grumman AA-55A CheetahAeroLabs N/A
Kodiak 900SimWorks StudiosPayware
Leduc RL.21BlueMeshPayware
Lancair LegacyFlysimwarePayware
MH-1521 BroussardATSimulationsPayware
PA-38 TomahawkJust FlightPayware
PAC CT/4 AirtrainerIRIS SimulationsPayware
Pilatus Porter PC-6FlightSimGames (FSG)Payware
SIAI Marchetti SF.260SimCoders x JRollonPayware
Super CubSuper CubPayware
Tecnam P2008AviotekPayware
TL-3000 SiriusFSRebornPayware
Turbo OtterBlackbird SimulationsPayware
Van’s RV-8SimWorks StudiosPayware
Wittman Tailwind W8Lionheart SimulationsPayware
Wittman Tailwind W10Lionheart SimulationsPayware

General Aviation (Multi Engine)

AircraftDeveloper Notes
Aerostar 600A2A SimulationsPayware
Aerostar 601POuroboros JetsFreeware
B60 Duke and Turbine DukeBlack SquarePayware
Baron B55Shrike SimulationsPayware
Beechcraft StarshipBlack SquarePayware
Grumman S-2F3AT Turbo Trackertankerguy72N/A
King Air C90Pilot Experience SimPayware
Piaggio P.180 Avanti IIFlightFXPayware
Tecnam P2006TEraldo SammuriN/A


AircraftDeveloper Notes
Airbus A220Synaptic SimulationsPayware
Airbus A300Just FlightPayware
Airbus A319Fenix SimulationsPayware
Airbus A320 familyAerosoftPayware
Airbus A320FSLabsPayware
Airbus A320neoMicrosoft/iniBuildsN/A
Airbus A321Fenix SimulationsPayware
Airbus A330AerosoftPayware
Airbus A330neoAerosoftPayware
Airbus A330FSLabsPayware
Airbus A340LatinVFRPayware
Airbus A350iniBuildsPayware
Airbus A350Digital Flight DynamicsFreeware
Airbus A380iniBuildsPayware
Airbus A380FlyByWireFreeware
Antonov An-26Cockspur (+ other developer)Payware
Avro RJJust FlightPayware
Boeing 727-200 AdvancedSimWorks Studios/FSRebornPayware
Boeing 737-200Blackbird SimulationsPayware
Boeing 737-800Qbit SimulationsFreeware
Boeing 737 MAX-8iFlyPayware
Boeing 737-Max 8UFLYFreeware
Boeing 747 ClassicJust FlightPayware
Boeing 747PMDGPayware
Boeing 757Bluebird SimulationsPayware
Boeing 767Lunar SimulationsFreeware
Boeing 767Bluebird SimulationsPayware
Boeing 777-200PMDGPayware
Boeing 787-9MRI SimulationsFreeware
Boeing 787 CollectionQualityWings SimulationsPayware
Bombardier Dash-8 Q400Q4XL DevelopmentsFreeware
Dash 8-Q300/400Majestic SoftwarePayware
Dash 8Skyline SimulationsPayware
DC-10Aero DynamicsFreeware
Embraer E170/175/190/195Ouroboros JetsFreeware
Embraer ERJ SeriesNextGen SimulationsPayware
Fokker 70 and 100Just FlightPayware
MD-11TFDi DesignPayware
Saab 340B & 2000NextGen SimulationsPayware
Short SkyvanAirmax514N/A
Sukhoi Superjet 100Headwind SimulationPayware
Tu-104BRuSky GroupPayware
Tupolev Tu-134KAI 31Payware


AircraftDeveloper Notes
Bombardier Challenger 350FlightFXPayware
Citation XFlightFXPayware
Citation X+PILOT’sPayware
Hawker 800XPCockspurPayware
Learjet Model 25/28Xtreme Prototypes Payware
Learjet 35SimSolutionsPayware
Learjet 35MtnFly SimulationsFreeware
Lockheed JetstarBig RadialsPayware
North American SabrelinerAeroplane HeavenPayware
Phenom 300FSRebornPayware
Pilatus PC-9IRIS SimulationsPayware
Pilatus PC-24IRIS SimulationsPayware
TBM 850SimWorks StudiosPayware
TBM 910SimWorks StudiosPayware
TBM 960SimWorks StudiosPayware


AircraftDeveloper Notes
A-10C “Warthog”DC DesignsPayware
A-1H SkyraiderBlackbird SimulationsPayware
A-4 SkyhawkIndiaFoxtEchoPayware
A6M ZeroBlackbird SimulationsPayware
Aermacchi MB-326IndiaFoxtEchoPayware
Aermacchi MB-345IndiaFoxtEchoPayware
Avro LancasterAeroplane HeavenPayware
B-1B LancerBlackbird SimulationsPayware
B-17FlyingIron SimulationsPayware
B-2 SpiritTop Mach StudiosPayware
B-52 StratofortressSimWorks StudiosPayware
Boeing/Saab T-7A RedhawkTop Mach StudiosPayware
C-130JBlackbird SimulationsPayware
C5M GalaxyDC DesignsPayware
C-17 GlobemasterDC DesignsPayeare
C-17 GlobemasterDelta SimulationsFreeware
C-17 GlobemasterIRIS SimulationsPayware
C-27J SpartanIndiaFoxtEchoPayware
Convair B58 HustlerAirmax514N/A
E-2C HawkeyeIndiaFoxtEchoPayware
English Electra Canberra PR9Foxtrot Oscar Simulations DesignsN/A
Eurofighter TyphoonIndiaFoxtEchoPayware
F-100 Super SabreBlackbird SimulationsPayware
F-14 TomcatHeatblur Simulations/IndiaFoxtEchoPayware
F-15C EagleBlackbird SimulationsPayware
F-16 ADFIndiaFoxtEchoPayware
F-16Blackbird SimulationsPayware
F-4 PhantomBlackbird SimulationsPayware
F-4B/N Phantom IISimWorks StudiosPayware
Focke-Wulf Fw 190FlyingIron SimulationsPayware
Hawker Hunter Mk.58AFoxtrot Oscar Simulations DesignsN/A
Hawker Hunter Mk 58SwissMilSimPayware
Hawker HunterFlyingIron SimulationPayware
Hawker HurricaneAeroplane HeavenPayware
Heinkel He 162CockspurPayware
KC-10Aero DynamicsFreeware
L-39C/ZAFoxtrot Oscar Simulations DesignsN/A
Lockheed T-33Sim Skunk WorksPayware
Lockheed U-2Miltech SimulationsPayware
Northrop P-61B Black WidowDC DesignsFreeware
OV-10 BroncoAzurPolyPayware
Northrop T-38ABlackbird SimulationsPayware
P-47 ThunderboltDC DesignsPayware
Panavia TornadoIndiaFoxtEchoPayware
Panavia TornadoJust FlightPayware
Saab 91D SafirATSimulationsPayware
Shorts Tucano T1Foxtrot Oscar Simulations DesignsN/A
SR-71 BlackbirdBlackbird SimulationsPayware
SU-27 FlankerDC DesignsPayware
Sukhoi Su-30MKITop Mach StudiosPayware
SU-34 MKIITop Mach StudiosPayware
T-6A TexanBlackbird Simulations Payware
XB-70 ValkyrieAirmax514Payware
YF-23 Black WidowTop Mach StudiosPayware


AircraftDeveloper Notes
Stemme S12-GGot FriendsPayware


AircraftDeveloper Notes
Castel C25S UltralightBlueMeshPayware
DC-4/C-54Flight ReplicasPayware
DH.114 HeronFlight ReplicasPayware
DH83Flight ReplicasPayware
Ford TrimotorCR1 SoftwarePayware
Horten IX (Ho229)Rara-Avis SimsPayware
Klemm KL 25 D VII RClassics HangarPayware
Lockheed VegaWing42Payware
Latécoère 28Red Wing SimulationsPayware
Sopwith CamelRara-Avis SimsPayware
Sopwith CamelRara-Avis SimsPayware
Tipsy BCockspurPayware


AircraftDeveloper Notes
AH-64 GuardianRKM StudiosPayware
Bell 412Cera SimPayware
Cicaré 8Fast Cow ProductionsPayware
Huey UH-1HBlackbird SimulationsPayware
Huey UH-1HTapg’s HangarPayware
Kaman K-Max=rk=N/A
MD 902 ExplorerJynxx DCSN/A
MH-60 SeahawkBlackbird SimulationsPayware
UH-60 Black HawkBlackbird SimulationsPayware


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