IRIS Simulations finally shows the first images of its Pilatus PC-24 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

It’s been so long that you probably don’t even remember. In July of 2021, IRIS Simulations revealed that it had reached an agreement with Pilatus Aircraft to bring officially licensed versions of the Pilatus PC-9 and PC-24 to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Since then, we’ve heard absolutely nil about either of these airplanes… until now!

IRIS Simulations has finally left the cave, and they brought some goodies to show to the community: the very first public images of the gorgeous PC-24 in MSFS. These represent the Xbox model of the aircraft, which is not as visually detailed as the version that will eventually hit the PC version of MSFS.

IRIS Simulations provided a short statement saying that development is “progressing nicely“, even if the final product is still a long way off. Judging from the time it took them to share these first images, we should probably expect to die of old age while waiting for the PC-24 to arrive!

IRIS Simulatios Pilatus PC 24 MSFS 2

IRIS Simulatios Pilatus PC 24 MSFS 3

IRIS Simulatios Pilatus PC 24 MSFS 4

On a more serious note, we do understand that these things take their time, and IRIS Simulations probably lost quite some energy working on that F-22… even if it ended up being scraped for parts sometime in the last few weeks. That’s right, IRIS’ rendition of the F-22 was recently canceled, a surprising move after it seemed ready to come out earlier this year…

Anyway, the PC-24 looks fantastic. Of course it does! It’s one of the best light business jets on the market, matching the versatility and ruggedness of other beloved airplanes in the Pilatus family with the speed of a fast jet.

For now, IRIS Simulations has only shared a few external shots of the aircraft, and they are not that varied, to be honest. However, it’s good to see that the team is working on this exciting airplane, which hopefully means it will land in our favorite simulator sometime in the future.

As always, we’ll bring you any meaningful updates regarding this project, so stay tuned for that during your time on our site. Until then, enjoy these first images of the IRIS Simulations PC-24 for Microsoft Flight Simulator!