SimpleFCU, a build-at-home autopilot control module, is now open for preorder

Home-cockpit builders or hardware-enthusiastic simmers are getting a brand new autopilot control module to add to their setup. SimpleFCU, the autopilot control module that users can assemble at home (with some 3d-printing involved), is now finally open for preorder.

SimpleFCU was announced a few months ago, promising to be an affordable alternative solution to existing autopilot modules. The idea is that users buy the necessary electronic components, which are shipped to their desired address, along with STL files for the plastic parts, which they can print at home while the package arrives. Then, it’s time to build it all up, a process that should be fun for those who enjoy this kind of stuff. The end result should be a very useful autopilot module, powered by Mobiflight and Arduino, that should make life easier for any airliners pilot in MSFS!

This is SimpleFCU’s promise, anyway, and if this is something you believe in, then now is the time to jump on the bandwagon. After a few months of development, SimpleFCU preorders are now live and will be up for the next 30 days. Price is set at 149€, with shipping estimated to begin by late October.

simplefcu 2

simplefcu 3

The team behind SimpleFCU understands that there may be some questions about how this all works, so they have recently published some handy information about their product and the preordering process. This should provide all the info you need to understand what you’re getting into. This is clearly a product made for tinkerers, those who enjoy putting stuff together and get some satisfaction when the final assembly works as expected. It doesn’t hurt that you’ll then be able to control your airliner autopilot in a somewhat realistic manner!

SimpleFCU is inspired by the real-world Airbus module, with 4 amber displays, 7 Korry type LED switches, 4 push-pull modules, and 5 additional LEDs for flight director, parking brake, and landing gear status. Compatibility with other airplanes should be easy to achieve – since the hardware is powered by Mobiflight, every compatible airplane should be supported by SimpleFCU.

Sounds good? If you’re interested in playing around with SimpleFCU, you can now preorder on the website. The creators were kind to share an exclusive 5%-off discount code for our readers, which you can use during the checkout process: MSFS5OFF.