SimpleFCU is a new autopilot control module that you can build at home

SimpleFCU is a brand new project that aims to provide flight simulation enthusiasts with a new hardware module to control various features in an airliner autopilot. But it’s not something that you can buy off the shelf, plug in, and use. You have to print it!

That’s right, you’ll need a 3D printer to create the plastic components of SimpleFCU, and then assemble them with the electronics that will be shipped to you. The end result is an FCU that looks inspired by the real-world Airbus module, with 4 amber displays, 7 Korry type LED switches, 4 push-pull modules, and 5 additional LEDs for flight director, parking brake, and landing gear status.

This all works thanks to Mobiflight and Arduino, and the only aircraft supported for now is the A32NX, but users should be able to tweak some files to get it to work with the CRJ or Boeing 737. A 737-inspired module is currently being worked on by the creators.

simplefcu msfs 2

SimpleFCU will be going into pre-order in June, and while it’s being touted as an “affordable” solution, it won’t be exactly cheap… especially considering that buyers will have to assemble the module themselves. With pre-orders expected to cost 149 Euros/Dollars + shipping, it’s a bit of an investment, but then again, many people just like to put stuff together and feel accomplished after it all turns out OK in the end. If you’re a tinkerer, this may be for you!

If SimpleFCU managed to grab your interest, make sure to sign-up for future updates from the official website, where you will also be able to pre-order the product very soon.