NVIDIA launches new Game Ready driver with specific enhancements for MSFS

NVIDIA has launched today a new Game Ready driver for its graphics cards, and it’s one that should be especially remarked for Microsoft Flight Simulator users. This new driver tackles a couple of very specific aspects of the visual experience in MSFS, especially following the release of Sim Update 10 last week.

Sim Update 10 brought many significant changes to MSFS. One of the bigger ones is support for NVIDIA’s DLSS 2 antialiasing technology, which should help simmers with less powerful systems get better visuals and performance. But the DLSS integration in MSFS wasn’t complete until NVIDIA released a new driver, which just happened today.

DLSS works best when the GPU is the bottleneck. Those limited by CPU should not experience a significant change with this technology. If you’re in a situation where your graphics card could get a little help, then it’s time to grab the new version of the NVIDIA Game Ready drivers, which are now available for installation through the GeForce Experience app or simply by manually downloading the installation file from NVIDIA’s servers.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is now also in the early stages of DX12 integration. While still prone to a few issues, some simmers have enjoyed flying in DX12 will little to report. Some, however, have found corrupted textures, especially in the aircraft’s displays. If that’s your case, this new NVIDIA driver should also take care of that. The release notes mention a fix for “display texture corruption after extended gameplay“.

GPU driver updates can often be skipped as they bring little to note to most users. This case is different, as MSFS is the direct target of some crucial changes. It’s an absolute must-have if you’re looking to have the best possible visual experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Looking ahead into the future, NVIDIA promises further improvements in MSFS with the upcoming DLSS 3, an exclusive feature of the new RTX 40-series cards that will begin to hit the markets next month. Check this early preview of that in action in MSFS to get an idea of the powerful GPU power coming your way very soon!