Aerosoft releases Brno–Tuřany Airport for MSFS

Looking for a new airport to explore central Europe in Microsoft Flight Simulator? If you’re traveling around Czechia at this time (or planning some flights around there for the future), there’s a new bespoke airport to consider, just released for MSFS by Aerosoft: Brno-Turany Airport (LKTB).

Brno-Turany Airport is located in the South Moravia region, serving the south-eastern area of Czechia. It’s currently the second busiest airport in the country, after Prague Airport, and features a striking new terminal that impresses with its modern and fluid architecture.

Brno Airport is capable of handling the most common narrow-body airliners, such as the 737 and the A320, so this is a good place to take your brand new aircraft from Fenix or PMDG. The developer promises a detailed scenery that goes beyond the usual airport infrastructure and administrative buildings, with the addition of some areas around the airport like the hospital (with two helipads) Brno Tower, and more.

In the airport itself, you should find detailed buildings, realistic lighting and static vehicles, accurate ground markings, animated elements, and more. See below the full feature list!

LKTB Brno-Turany Airport is now available for MSFS, priced at just around 12€ through Aerosoft’s store.

Brno Airport LKTB MSFS 4

Brno Airport LKTB MSFS 3

Brno Airport LKTB MSFS 2

Brno Airport LKTB MSFS 1


  • Detailed passenger terminal with interior and animated passengers
  • Airport infrastructure includes buildings, hangars, fire department building
  • Flying club Brno-Slatina
  • Flight school HERBST AERO
  • User models of lights along taxiways with lighting connected to them
  • Detailed marking of taxiway, runway, apron
  • Animated locator antenna, passengers, flags
  • Brno castle – a modern building located in the city which is called the Brno Tower with a height of 111 m
  • A detailed medical clinic in Brno, on the territory of which there are two operating helipads where you can land and take off in helicopters
  • The DHL Express logistics center was implemented
  • Logistics center near the airport Lorenc Logistic, Ltd
  • Implemented weather radar Sokolnice

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