PRO-ATC/SR released, promises to be an improved ATC solution for MSFS

Nearly two years after its launch, Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to get new tools that look to enhance the default implementations of some mechanics. The ATC simulation is one of those in need of a significant overhaul, but while the MSFS team doesn’t appear too busy working on that, we have third-party developers trying to bring new ways to interact with the ATC in MSFS.

PRO-ATC/SR is the latest software in this category of products, as it’s just been released with MSFS compatibility. It’s an old tool that will surely sound familiar to FSX and P3D pilots, when it was known as PRO-ATC/X. The X is now gone, replaced with an SR that stands for “Speech Recognition”, the new feature that was just introduced in this new version of PRO-ATC. Other than that, it seems to be the same program older simmers were used to.

PRO-ATC/SR promises to be a complete Air Traffic Control solution for MSFS, powered by controllers who give you the correct weather, clearances of all kinds, taxi instructions, vectors, traffic calls, and much more. Whether flying a big airliner or a small piston-powered aircraft, PRO-ATC offers simmers the chance to talk with a more realistic controller in MSFS.

Pro ATC SR MSFS checklists

Pro ATC SR MSFS main

Pro ATC SR MSFS sidstar

Apologies for the low-definition images… it’s all we got!

PRO-ATC/SR contains a large worldwide database with navigation data, including SIDs and STARs, which hopefully means you should be able to dynamically fly assigned departure and arrival procedures. It should also help clear some nasty immersion-breaking conflicts that often happen in the simulator, especially on the ground, by moving AI airplanes before they become a conflict.

PRO-ATC/SR for MSFS supports flight plan importing and exporting in several formats, and there’s even SimBrief integration for those who use it. But there are plenty of additional interesting features that come with this program, so make sure to check the full product details on the official website.

PRO-ATC/SR is available right now for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with varying prices depending on your current standing with the program. New customers can get PRO-ATC/SR for 49.95€ until September 15. the price will then go up to 59.95€.

As for existing owners of an older version, a few discounts are available depending on the time of purchase. See here if you’re eligible for a discount!

If PRO-ATC/SR doesn’t quite sound like what you’re looking for, you may want to take a look at another recently-released ATC solution for MSFS, FSHud, which seems to be getting regular updates and decent reviews from users!