Fenix Simulations announces the Airbus A319 and A321 for MSFS, coming later this year

Underpromise and overdeliver. Fenix Simulations is getting us used to this theme and guess what, it’s much better than getting all hyped up about something and then ending up disappointed. Fenix has been mostly silent this year, with few updates beyond the promise of a big V2 update for the fantastic A320. This week, the team has finally shared a more detailed roadmap for the deployment of this update, bringing along some cool new announcements with it: two new airplanes, the A319 and the A321!

The V2 update will rolled out in two distinct blocks, bringing substantial improvements and bug fixes to the A320. Block 1 will include the FBWv2, Flight Model version 2 (FMv2), new displays, alongside numerous code-side performance optimizations and avionics improvements, such as the new VNAV logic.

The second phase, Block 2, is set to wrap up by the end of September and will feature the new visual model, the IAE engines and the external engine model, further avionics fixes, and Electronic Flight Bag version 2. The release of Block 1 first aims to offer simmers an opportunity to test and provide feedback on the updates, enabling Fenix Simulations to iteratively improve the final changes to be introduced with Block 2.

Fenix A320 V2 Update MSFS

On the horizon, Fenix Simulations has also been working on two new models, the A319 and A321, set to launch by the end of the year. The advancements made in the V2 update will serve as a solid foundation for the development of these airplanes, which will be available as a single expansion package priced at £39.99. Additionally, sharklet upgrades for all aircraft lines are planned for early 2024, offered free of charge to customers.

These additions highlight Fenix Simulations’ commitment to providing an exceptional flight simulation experience for MSFS simmers looking for the ultimate Airbus experience in the simulator. Stay tuned for screenshots of the V2 Block 2 updates and performance benchmarks for the V2 Block 1 updates over the coming week!