Aeroplane Heaven announces the Globe Swift for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Aeroplane Heaven continues very active in the development of new airplanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The DHC-1 Chipmunk was released just a few weeks ago, while the highly-awaited Douglas DC-3 is now on schedule for launch in November as part of the 40th Anniversary Edition of MSFS.

The team continues to find the time to work on other projects, as proven by the latest announcement: the Globe Swift, a light two-seat monoplane from the 1940s, should be out soon for MSFS!

Aeroplane Heaven shared the news through their Facebook page, hinting at a “swift” release of the Globe Swift. Along with the news, the team published a few preview shots of the aircraft, hinting at a nicely detailed model with a charming interior that reminds us of the Cessna 140.

Aeroplane Heaven Globe Swift MSFS 4

Aeroplane Heaven Globe Swift MSFS 3

Aeroplane Heaven Globe Swift MSFS 2

Aeroplane Heaven Globe Swift MSFS 1

Aeroplane Heaven Globe Swift MSFS 6

Aeroplane Heaven’s fast pace of development is naturally powered by their existing product portfolio for older platforms, which provides a good head-start to bring those airplanes to MSFS. That applies to the Globe Swift too, which was released for FSX and P3D a few years ago. The Globe Swift is now coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator, in what’s likely to be the most impressive version yet for flight simulation of this simple airplane.

Aeroplane Heaven didn’t provide any details about the product itself, but we’re likely to see the GC-1A variant of the aircraft, which was the less powerful one, with 85hp. We’ll have to wait for further updates from the developers to know exactly what flavor of the Globe Swift we’ll be getting in MSFS.

The Globe Swift was introduced right after World War II and proved to be fairly popular early on. Early demand quickly faded though, and production eventually surpassed the number of orders. Some units resisted the test of time and still fly today with a few civilian operators, so there’s always a chance you may find one in a small airfield somewhere. If not, then prepare to see it soon in the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator!