Marwan Gharib’s HJET gets a big update with improved autopilot and navigation, general fixes, and more

The HJET is undeniably one of the best airplanes currently available for Microsoft Flight Simulator, a brilliant combination of stunning visuals, deep and realistic systems, and the useful performance and versatility of a small, fast jet. FlightFX and Marwan Gharib continue to provide the necessary support to keep the aircraft updated and running smoothly for every user, and have just launched a big update that brings a series of important improvements.

The bulk of the new changes is related to the autopilot and navigation systems of the HJET, which are areas that have seen some complaints from users, particularly the autopilot behavior in VNAV mode. Thankfully this behavior should now be much improved, as this new version of the HJET brings with it a rewritten VNAV logic that should be more reliable and accurate. Hopefully, no more unexpected descents when clicking the VNAV button!

Besides numerous improvements in the autopilot and navigation systems of the HJET, this update also brings some tweaks to the flight model (ground effect during landings should now be less pronounced), but also some miscellaneous changes across the board.

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 15

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 14

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 13

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 10

If you’re a fan of the HJET either on PC or Xbox, make sure to grab your update in the MSFS Content Manager. The full release notes are below, and the developer even keeps a public list of issues being tracked with estimates for a forthcoming patch. Check it here to see if any particular problem you’re experiencing is being fixed in an upcoming update!

HJET 1.0.4 changelog:

Autopilot and navigation:
• Rewrtitten VNAV logic for improved performance and more accuracy in tracking
• Rewritten improved VNAV altitude capture logic
• VNAV apporach altiude restrictions are now automatically loaded on loading an apporach procedure
• TOC (top of climb) is now calculated based on aircraft current trajectory in relation to the dialled in ALT SEL altitude
• Rewrtitten AP modes logic for more consistency.
• Code and perfomance optimizations for VNAV draw code and calculations
• Improved tracking of glide slope and glide path and localizer
• Autopilot modes can now use default key bindings for compatability with external hardware
• Landing field elevation is now automatically populated when chosing a destination airport
• Fixed Autopilot Does Not Follow Nav If Active Is Nav 2
• ALT capture when pressing the ALT button will now capture an anticipated altitude that is taking into consideration current vspeed
• VS activation will capture the current aircraft vertical speed
• CSC will now engage more reliably
• Fixed Gyro drift on sync heading.
• Autopilot modes no longer showing when FD is off

• Added “CONNECT GPU” to sim options page, now GPU will only show if called
• Corrected “show VSD ” button inverted indicator
• Added clickspot for throttle interraction , one click to take the throttles from Idle to Cutoff and vice versa
• fixed Transponder sometimes resetting to 0 when controlled from right GTC
• Dissalow entry of the numbers “8” & “9” when setting transponder from right GTC
• Fixed When In Exterior Lights Page, Nav And Com Radios Are Not Clickable And Display Incorrect Values

Flight model:
• Tweaked ground effect during landing for less

• Corrected CFG. Entry For Adding VFR Camera To Prevent Ctd
• Added safeguards to ensure Gpu Is Never Visible With The Aircraft Moving
• Correction To The Language In The Marketplace Description Saying It Needs WT G3000
• Fixed Inability To Disengage Flight Director
• Revised Overspeed Stress Limits
• Fixed Aircraft Loading With Parking Brake Disengaged in C&D
• Adjusted XBOX– Incremental Throttle Adjustment Is Too Large
• Fixed Flickering/Inconsistency Of Altimiter Altitude Bug
• Aircract Now forces Modern Flight Model
• Fixed Dark Blue Livery Showing White Box In Cockpit Registration
• Added Aerosar livery
• Fixed modeling issues causing raccoon mask to not show up in liveries, liveries now don’t need to attach a model with the livery