Hangar Studios 713 releases the Ryan Navion B for Microsoft Flight Simulator

The Ryan Navion B, a symbol of North America’s post-war civilian aircraft era, has been brought to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator by Hangar Studios 713. It’s the second payware project from the developer, who previously worked on the Twin Navion, which we reviewed here and found to be an interesting debut from the developer.

The Ryan Navion B was the third installment in the Navion series, reflecting the innovation and craftsmanship of post-war civilian aviation. With a 260 HP Continental IO-520 fuel-injected engine, it became a favorite among pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Hangar Studios 713 has included many features in this package! Here are some of the highlights:

Ryan Navion B MSFS 3

Visual and Technical Features

  • High-Resolution Textures: Up to 8K resolution PBR textures, with over 2 million polygons, should provide a discernible upgrade over the Twin Navion’s textures which were one of the areas we thought could be improved on that particular airplane.
  • Detailed Liveries: 10 liveries, 4 of which are exact replicas from real Navions.
  • Interactive Elements: All clickables are animated and operational.
  • Custom Effects: From lighting and windshield effects to startup smoke.
  • Advanced Technology: Uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), new propeller animations, native integration with various GPS units including the GTN750 and GTNXi
  • VR Enhanced: The developer says that this aircraft is VR-ready, offering an immersive experience for those with compatible hardware.

In-Sim Experience

  • Pre-Flight Checklist: A detailed checklist with 16 categories and 128 checks, both through the simulator’s checklist dropdown and in-sim tablet page.
  • Custom Instrument Views: Camera views for preflight walk-around and interaction with clickables add to the realism.
  • Tablet Integration: An in-sim tablet includes an airplane diagram, a directory of all usable clickables, and reference speeds.
Ryan Navion B MSFS 4

Ryan Navion B MSFS 2

Ryan Navion B MSFS 5

The Navion series began with the original Navion, designed by North American Aviation shortly after World War II. It intended to capitalize on the expected post-war boom in civilian aviation, offering a modern and sleek design that appealed to private pilots and commercial operators.

The Ryan Navion B, or Navion Super 260, as seen here, was the third installment in the Navion series. It featured a more powerful 260 HP Continental IO-520 fuel-injected engine and various design improvements. The “B” variant was known for its enhanced performance and was a popular choice among pilots.

The Twin Navion, on the other hand, was a modification of the original Navion, transforming it into a twin-engine aircraft and hoping to improve its lackluster performance.

The Ryan Navion B from Hangar Studios 713 is available now through simMarket and will set you back around $20.