Microsoft Flight Simulator unveils City Update IV: Western Europe and the Dornier Do X flying boat

The MSFS team continues to show no signs of slowing down in its investment in the platform. Today, at Gamescom 2023, they unveiled their latest updates that focus on city updates and a new aircraft. From the intricate details of a selection of Western Europe cities to the majestic flight of the legendary Dornier Do X, here is the brand new content that you can get today in the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace!

City Update IV: Western Europe

City Update IV: Western Europe brings to life five major European cities, enhancing their visual fidelity and providing a breathtaking aerial view.

1. Annemasse, France: Located along the Swiss border, Annemasse offers expansive views in every direction, including Geneva, Lake Geneva, and the towering Alps.

2. Geneva, Switzerland: Known as one of the globe’s most important international centers, Geneva hosts a wide range of architecture, from medieval cathedrals to modern designs.

3. Ghent, Belgium: An important port center, Ghent’s waterways provide spectacular backdrops to the modern and centuries-old architecture.

4. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg: Situated in the heart of Western Europe, Luxembourg City is a major financial center and home to several important administrative bodies in the European Union.

5. Rotterdam, Netherlands: Europe’s largest seaport, Rotterdam is home to both classic architecture and some of the world’s most stunning modern structures.

Additionally, the update includes a recreation of Germany’s Cologne Bonn Airport (EDDK), beautifully complementing the cities and providing a lifelike experience for commercial pilots using this airport

City Update IV: Western Europe is available for free to all owners of Microsoft Flight Simulator. More details can be found on the official website.

Local Legend 12: The Dornier Do X

The MSFS team also announced the addition of the Dornier Do X, the largest, heaviest, and most powerful hydroplane ever to take to the sky. This iconic flugschiff (flying ship) is now available for simmers to fly throughout the globe.

Designed by German aircraft designer Claudius Dornier, the Do X was a pinnacle of German innovation and engineering. With an overall length of 131 feet, 5 inches, and a wingspan of 156 feet, 10 inches, the Do X was powered by 12 roaring, 610-horsepower V-12 piston engines.

The aircraft’s design consists of three internal decks, including seating for up to 100 people, a lounge with a bar, a dining room, and more. During its operational tenure, the Dornier Do X drew crowds wherever it went, most notably during a journey from Europe to the United States via Africa and South America.

Meticulously created using data from historical sources, the Dornier Do X performs remarkably well for its size and comes with three liveries: Historic, Aviators Club, and Xbox Aviators Club. It is available for purchase in the MSFS Marketplace for USD $14.99.