Watch the official teaser video for the Aerosoft A330, coming soon to MSFS

We had a chance to watch it at Aerosoft’s booth in FSExpo, and it’s now out in the world for everyone to see. Aerosoft has released an official teaser video that previews the A330 in its current state for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The aircraft, currently in beta testing, is expected to be out soon!

This video is another excellent Aviation Lads production and certainly makes the A330 look the part, with stunning views of both its interior and exterior. No sneak peek into the airplane’s systems or functionality is presented, but it’s clear that this bird is going to look great.

The A330 project has been under development for quite some time, and it’s one of the most captivating projects currently underway for the simulator. The Aerosoft A330’s level of depth and detail is still being determined, with the developers saying that their focus is more on the daily procedures of an airline pilot’s job rather than purely on system details.

The team is also striking a careful balance between incorporating new features and ensuring that the project stays on schedule. To avoid “feature creep,” the focus is on prioritizing essential elements and resisting the temptation to add extra features that could potentially cause significant delays in the development process.

A standout aspect of the A330 project is its cross-platform compatibility. From the moment of its release, the airplane will be available on both PC and Xbox, as well as on the Xbox Cloud Gaming platform. This compatibility has necessitated that the development team optimizes the airplane’s performance, ensuring smooth operation across different platforms with varying levels of graphical capabilities.

The A330 may not end up being the “study-level” wide-body aircraft many simmers have been waiting for, but it still promises to be a highly engaging airplane for multiple levels of user experiences. We should soon learn more details about its release, so stay tuned!