Indiafoxtecho issues MSFS roadmap update with new F-14 screenshots

Renowned MSFS developer Indiafoxtecho, known in particular for its F-35, has issued an update on its product roadmap for the coming months.

Most notably, the team says its F-14 Tomcat is now “flyable”, but that they are trying “to squeeze as much detail” into the aircraft as they can. Two new screenshots were shared as part of the update, showing a well-used cockpit design and the aircraft in flight.

Elsewhere, the team is also currently developing a Tornado for MSFS. This project has suffered a delay after they decided to “remake most of its wings and engine details,” but the team is aiming to have an Alpha build ready “sometime in May.”

Tomcat 2

Tomcat 1

Other updates included the TA-4J Skyhawk, with a flyable build hoped to be ready “sometime in summer”, and the Eurofighter Typhoon, with the team saying: “The commercial 3D models available for purchase did not meet our quality standard and were significantly inaccurate, while our P3D models were clearly inadequate to modern standards… so we decided to redo the models completely.

“We are happy to report that the main external surfaces are complete and we are finally happy with the wing shape and curvature, which was quite difficult to replicate correctly – but we still need to improve several details.

“On the good side, most of the avionics/systems work we did for the P3D version seems to work fine with minor adjustments – this should shorten the development time significantly.”

The team say they are “finally happy” with the Typhoon’s “wing shape and curvature”

Finally, the team provided some updates on the development of its aircraft carriers. A new version of the USS America will be released “soon”, following improvements to the deck’s vehicles.

The USS Gerald R. Ford, the largest aircraft carrier ever constructed, has also been improved, with remastered deck vehicles and textures and other new details.

Meanwhile, the Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth Class is on “standby” due to the “presence of a competing model [which] may make the project financially not viable.” This likely refers to Miltech’s UK Carrier Strike Group, currently available for $10.01 | €9,10 | £8.06. The team said however that their version of the carrier may still be developed, with a decision to be made in due course.

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Indiafoxtecho’s USS Gerald R. Ford, featuring new deck vehicles and textures