Just Flight throwing their whole heart and soul into the Airbus A300B4 for MSFS

Just Flight surprised the community with the announcement of the Airbus A300B4 for MSFS, a highly ambitious project that will take advantage of visuals and systems depth like we’ve “never seen before”. The company is aiming to create the most accurate and true-to-life representation of Airbus’s first-ever aircraft.

Just Flight is modeling the Airbus A300 B4-200 variant, which accounts for about one-quarter of all A300s manufactured. It entered service in 1979 and was among the last airliners to feature a three-person cockpit layout, a Captain, First Officer, and Engineer’s positions, all housed in an exquisitely designed analog cockpit. This aircraft is flexible for all types of flights, accommodating both short and long-haul journeys. Notably, this plane became the first aircraft to achieve ETOPS certification, permitting it to fly for extended durations over open oceans.

Just Flight Airbus A300 MSFS 1

Just Flight Airbus A300 MSFS 10

Just Flight’s primary aim is to stretch the capabilities of MSFS to the maximum and deliver the most immersive airliner experience possible. This ambitious goal begins with a focus on detailed modeling and texturing. Long-time followers of Just Flight will recognize the A300 as a product previously under development for P3D. While the model can be traced back to its P3D origins, both the textures and the model are receiving substantial upgrades. Some areas are even being remodeled and retextured from scratch to guarantee the highest possible level of detail.

The company shared work-in-progress screenshots of the cockpit, with the modeling and texturing of the main instrument panels and pedestal nearly complete. Remodeling work on the overhead and Engineer’s panels is currently underway. It’s an absolutely striking aircraft with a level of minuscule detail that is easily among the best we’ve ever seen on the platform, if not the best.

Just Flight Airbus A300 MSFS 8

Just Flight Airbus A300 MSFS 7

Just Flight Airbus A300 MSFS 6

Just Flight Airbus A300 MSFS 5

Just Flight Airbus A300 MSFS 4

Just Flight Airbus A300 MSFS 3

Just Flight Airbus A300 MSFS 2

But Just Flight is committed to delivering more than impeccable visuals with the A300. They are also giving it all they have to create a highly accurate simulation of every single system on the A300B4. This includes all three cockpit positions, with every switch and controller performing their intended purposes, ensuring a rich, busy experience for simmers.

In a bid to cater to various user preferences, the A300 B4 Professional will feature three navigation systems: traditional VOR navigation, RNAV navigation via a UNS1 FMS, and a fully functional INS unit – a first for Microsoft Flight Simulator, according to Just Flight

As per the standard with all Just Flight’s products, the A300 B4 Professional will ship with a fully custom 3D Wwise sound set, recorded from the real aircraft, alongside highly accurate flight dynamics. To enhance customization, the product will come with both General Electric CF6 and Pratt and Whitney JT9D engines, each with their unique sound sets, various instrument panel and autopilot panel configurations, an electronic flight bag with SimBrief and Navigraph integration, and an array of liveries representing the aircraft’s various global operators.

All of these features will be included at the initial release, with no extra costs.

This forthcoming addition to Just Flight’s growing fleet for MSFS is truly very impressive. The team has a lot on its plate when it comes to projects currently in development, but they assure us that it’s all coming at the level of quality we’ve come to expect from the team. These include the PA-38 Tomahawk, which suffered unexpected delays but remains in the production line, the F28, the Vulcan, and the Fokker 70/100. Exciting times ahead!

As for the A300 B4 Professional, Just Flight promises to share more content as the development progresses. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming months!