PMDG preparing launch of the 737 Series for Xbox by the end of April

As expected following Sim Update 12, aircraft developers for MSFS are now gearing up for the launch of their more complex products to the Xbox crowd. PMDG is one of such developers and has announced the release of an update for their DC-6 Cloudmaster for Microsoft Flight Simulator to ensure compatibility with the latest platform changes. In addition, they have shared exciting news for Xbox users eagerly awaiting the arrival of the PMDG DC-6 and 737 on the console!

Following the introduction of C++/WASM support in MSFS with SU12, PMDG is now preparing to submit a revised version of the DC-6 to the MSFS Marketplace, which will be compatible with both PC and Xbox. This development allows PMDG to bring their highly-regarded aircraft to Xbox, after a failed attempt in 2021 that resulted in the aircraft being pulled from the Marketplace.

Until that happens, PC users can also expect an improvement in the scaling of the GNS430 pop-up window with today’s update. This update can be accessed via the PMDG Operations Center for those who purchased the DC-6 directly from PMDG. For customers who purchased their DC-6 via the Marketplace, it’s expected to be available on March 30th.

In addition to the DC-6 update, PMDG is gearing up for the validation and evaluation of their popular 737 series for the Xbox platform. The company anticipates a smooth process that will likely see the 737 available on Xbox by the end of April! However, Randazzo emphasizes the need to carefully evaluate the product to ensure no unexpected issues arise that might negatively affect the user experience.

This development is a significant milestone for PMDG Simulations, as they continue to expand the accessibility of their high-quality flight simulation products to a wider range of users. Hopefully, we’ll start hearing more news about the 777 soon. Stay tuned for more updates!