Aeroplane Heaven confirms MSFS partnership, DC-3 launching for free in November

The 40th Anniversary Edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator promises to be the most exciting one yet, with plenty of new aircraft to look forward to. After iniBuilds’ confirmation that their high-fidelity Airbus A310 will be coming as a free airplane in November, in a partnership with the MSFS team in celebration of this historic year, now it’s the time for Aeroplane Heaven to confirm that they will be a part of that too!

When the MSFS team revealed that the Douglas DC-3 was one of the aircraft to be featured in the upcoming Anniversary Edition, we suspected Aeroplane Heaven might have been involved. After all, they have been making a promising rendition of the iconic airliner, even if they went into radio silence about that project a while ago, when it appeared it was seemingly ready to be released. Now we know why!

Aeroplane Heaven confirmed the news on their Facebook page, taking the opportunity to share new images of the gorgeous DC-3 in Microsoft Flight Simulator. AH says that the DC-3 package launching in November will be exactly the one they would release themselves, including the C-47 variant and all the liveries shown in the previews.

Aeroplane Heaven DC 3 MSFS free 9

Aeroplane Heaven DC 3 MSFS free 8

Aeroplane Heaven DC 3 MSFS free 7

Aeroplane Heaven DC 3 MSFS free 6

Aeroplane Heaven DC 3 MSFS free 5

Aeroplane Heaven DC 3 MSFS free 4

Aeroplane Heaven DC 3 MSFS free 3

Aeroplane Heaven DC 3 MSFS free 2

Aeroplane Heaven DC 3 MSFS free 1

In terms of recent development advancements, AH says that the DC-3 now features best-in-class sounds and also a custom new flight model made by a talented specialist.

It’s been a while since we last heard about the DC-3, so it’s great to hear some news, especially as good as this! This is a beloved aircraft that simmers have been looking forward to ever since Aeroplane Heaven started to share the first images and development updates. Seeing now a clear path towards a release, with no additional cost for simmers when it lands in November, is the best thing we could hope for!

There are still a few months of waiting between now and November, so there will be plenty of opportunities to see updates from both Aeroplane Heaven and the MSFS team regarding not only the DC-3 but every other exciting airplane coming with the 40th Anniversary Edition. As usual, we’ll be bringing you all these updates as we sprint again towards a vibrant end of the year for Microsoft Flight Simulator!