SimWorks Studios announces Van’s RV-14 for MSFS

SimWorks Studios is on the verge of finally releasing its Kodiak 100 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After months of teasing the aircraft, the developers are now saying that it’s “being closed out next week“, a promising statement for those looking to get their hands on the Kodiak.

With the Kodiak mostly out of the way now, SimWorks Studios figured it would be a good time to announce their next project for Microsoft Flight Simulator: the Van’s Aircraft RV-14!

This next project from SimWorks Studios is being developed in close collaboration with the plane’s manufacturers themselves. Van’s Aircraft and SimWorks Studios (SWS) are therefore working together to bring the RV-14 and the RV-14A to MSFS (conventional and tricycle landing gear variants, respectively).

The announcement came straight from SWS’s social media, where the developers also said that the RV-14 will come with a variety of different avionics options. These will include the G3X Touch, GTN750, GMC305 Autopilot and the ESI500. Furthermore, sounds for the RV-14 are being recorded from a real aircraft, providing a welcome level of realism to the whole package. It’s indeed a promising new aircraft, and knowing it’s being developed with Van’s close collaboration is surely a sign that it will be a faithful depiction of the real-world airplane.

simworks studios rv 14 msfs 2

Together with this short announcement, SWS also unveiled a couple of work-in-progress shots of the RV-14 in MSFS, one from the exterior and another one from the cockpit, although no instrumentation is seen working. The team’s expectation is to have the aircraft flying in the simulator in the coming weeks, a good sign about the current state of development.

The RV-14 is a relatively new kit aircraft, having been introduced in 2012. More than 100 have been built so far, whose owners enjoy the pleasures of a roomy cabin where pilot and passenger sit comfortably side by side.

Obviousy, there’s no information about a possible release date for the RV-14. After all, the developers still have the Kodiak 100 to launch, which hopefully will happen very soon.

If you’re a fan o Van’s kit airplanes, you may want to check another model that is also being built for MSFS: the RV-8, from Terrainy Studios.