SimWorks Studios shares new images of the Kodiak 100

It’s been a long time coming, but the Kodiak 100 from SimWorks Studios seems to be coming to the final stages of its development. The last time we heard about it there was an expectation for a release by July/August, a deadline that it has clearly missed, but the developer has now shared a couple of great new shots of the aircraft, promising that the 3D model is nearly complete and there’s little else work to do.

The Kodiak 100 appears to be now pretty much finished from the visuals standpoint, both inside and out. That is, at least, for the standard wheeled version that will be available at launch. As we’ve learned before, an amphibian variant was expected to come at a later stage, but it’s unclear how things stand at this point since the whole thing has been delayed.

SimWorks Studios says now that all that remains is some work on the engine so that it performs as close as possible to the real thing. It’s one of the most important aspects of the whole experience and it’s especially important for SimWorks Studios because, surprise surprise, it’s a work that will carry on to a new aircraft that will be announced soon from the developers.

It’s a short update, but at this moment we are all mostly waiting to finally get our hands on this aircraft. To know additional details about the features and development, check our previous articles where we detailed the progress updates from the last few months.

Kodiak 100 MSFS 3

Kodiak 100 MSFS 4

Kodiak 100 MSFS 2