The Van’s RV-8 is coming to MSFS, by Terrainy Studios

Terrainy Studios is bringing the Van’s RV-8 to Flight Simulator. The RV-8 is a tandem, two-seat, single-engine kit airplane, first introduced in 1995, and has become very popular over the years as a fast and light airplane that is also fully aerobatic-capable.

Terrainy Studios have been sharing some images of their aircraft on social media, and a beta-testing period is already underway, so it shouldn’t take long to be released. The developers will include both gear configurations, the standard taildragger setup and also with tricycle gear.

The RV-8 is known for its swift performance, providing that fighter-like feel of being in the middle of the aircraft. Its great visibility makes aerobatic a pleasure, and that’s how many customers use this homebuilt aircraft.

Terrainy Studios didn’t provide much information about this new project, but we will keep a close eye on it and let you know of any further developments! In the meantime, check the few images that were released by the developers, where we can see the interior panel and also a sneak-peek into the exterior model.

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