Parallel 42 will bring the Cessna Bobcat T-50 to MSFS

Parallel 42, most known in the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator for The Skypark, but also for their plans to build Trent Palmer’s ‘FreedomFox’ for MSFS, have announced a new airplane for the simulator, this time a vintage one: the T-50 Bobcat, a twin-engined trainer from the WWII-era.

Parallel 42 will pick up on the work that has already been done by Milviz, who were recently looking for a new developer to get their original FSX model and textures and adapt it for MSFS. Milviz announced today that the team at Parallel 42 ended up being selected to continue this work, looking to do something with it for an eventual release for the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The new developers revealed that they are “honored” to be chosen to bring the T-50 Bobcat to MSFS, since they are big fans of classic airplanes. However, don’t expect this to be a quick process, as it will have to be totally restored, not unlike a classic car restoration, but Parallel 42 says they will pay attention to the details. Any T-50 pilots are welcome to give their opinions and requests for the aircraft.

parallel 42 bobcat msfs 2
The Bobcat was Cessna’s first airplane with a retractable undercarriage. 

As mentioned before, Parallel 42 is still working on what should be their first airplane for MSFS, the FreedomFox. Since its announcement last July, there’s been very little news concerning that particular project, but we know it’s slowly coming to life. Surely the developers will try to finish their work on that front before diverting full focus to the Bobcat, but we’ll have to wait for further updates from the team in order to get a better understanding of their plans.

As for the Bobcat, it’s a true classic from an era that saw rapid advancements in the aerospace industry. It served as a trainer that bridged the gap between single-engined planes and larger multi-engined aircraft. More than 5.000 Bobcats ended up being produced, with the Model T-50 serving as the commercial version, upon which several military variants were produced.