Flight Replicas previews its own Curtiss P-40 for MSFS

Warbird pilots have found heaven in Microsoft Flight Simulator with a growing list of superbly-detailed and realistic models of these beloved airplanes from old times. Timeless machines like the Spitfire, the P-51D, the Hellcat, and many others, have found their way into the stunning re-creation of the world that we can experience in MSFS. And despite all the excellent releases we’ve had in the last two years, developers keep coming up with exciting new projects that aim to depict these iconic airplanes in even greater detail!

The Curtiss P-40 is particularly lucky to have the attention of a few different developers, each with their own vision for a particular variant of this WWII fighter. Big Radials was the first studio to come out with a P-40 for MSFS with the “B” variant, the Tomahawk, an impressive product that we thoroughly enjoyed when it came out some 18 months ago. Then, earlier this month, it was iniBuilds who came to public to reveal their own intention to bring a P-40 to MSFS, this time the “F” variant. It should be out at any moment!

Today, we’re bringing to your attention yet another effort from another talented developer to depict this aircraft in MSFS. Flight Replicas, who released the Piper L-4 Grasshopper not too long ago, is now putting the final touches on its P-40N, the final production model that was manufactured during the last months of World War II.

Flight Replicas P 40N MSFS 13

Flight Replicas P 40N MSFS 12

Flight Replicas P 40N MSFS 11

Flight Replicas P 40N MSFS 10

Flight Replicas P 40N MSFS 8

Flight Replicas P 40N MSFS 7

Flight Replicas P 40N MSFS 6

Flight Replicas P 40N MSFS 5

Flight Replicas P 40N MSFS 4

Flight Replicas P 40N MSFS 3

Flight Replicas P 40N MSFS 2

Flight Replicas P 40N MSFS 1

Flight Replicas resorted to social media to update us on the latest about the P-40N. Apparently, this project is well advanced into development, with roughly 98% complete. Sim Update 11 seems to have slowed down progress a bit, but Flight Replicas said the project is back on track after some changes were made to the code.

Soon the P-40N will go into final testing. Flight Replicas doesn’t provide much in terms of feature details, so it’s unclear at this moment how much of an authentic airplane this will be. However, the first preview images shared by the team show a nicely-detailed model inside and out, with a variety of liveries and a beautiful virtual cockpit, which bodes well for the overall quality of the final product.

That’s pretty much it, at this point, since Flight Replicas is currently keeping the secrets for themselves. Hopefully, we will hear about this airplane soon and get some initial materials to share with you. For now, enjoy the images above and get ready to welcome yet another Curtiss P-40 to Microsoft Flight Simulator!