SimWorks Studios and PILOT’s announce the Dash 7 for MSFS

Today we have a surprising new airplane announcement for MSFS, coming from a new partnership between two well-known development houses. SimWorks Studios and PILOT’s have announced the development of the de Havilland Canada DHC-7 Dash 7 turboprop for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

SimWorks Studios is obviously known for its recent success with the Kodiak 100, which quickly became a favorite among many MSFS pilots. PILOT’s, on the other hand, is more known for scenery add-ons, although they did tease a Boeing 314 Clipper for MSFS in the summer of 2021. What happened to that, by the way? We ought to get some answers…

In any case, PILOT’s now seems bound to bring a different airplane to MSFS, in the shape of the Dash 7. SimWorks Studios will collaborate significantly in this project, with the 3D model, animations, systems, and flight dynamics. If they can replicate the quality of the work they’ve put on the Kodiak, we’re in for a treat with the Dash 7!

dash 7 msfs 4

dash 7 msfs 2

dash 7 msfs 1

dash 7 msfs 5

The Dash 7 is an old turboprop airliner, first introduced in 1975 and with only a little over a hundred units built. Still, it ended up being appreciated for its STOL capabilities, not unlike its smaller, two-engined Twin Otter, with which it shares a lot of similarities, just in an oversized shape.

To go along with this announcement, the developers shared the first teaser images of the aircraft, still a textureless 3D model sitting in the hangar in MSFS. Despite being an old airplane and a rare sight in today’s airports, it’s still an airliner, a type of aircraft that is surely needed in the simulator.

As usual, we’ll be following the development of the Dash 7 very closely over the coming months, and will bring you any meaningful updates as the developers put their hands to work on this exciting new project. Stay tuned!